Raza Academy , today protested against United states of America on Insulting Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam

New Delhi 16th Nov 2011

A Prominent Organization of Indian Muslims Raza Academy , today protested against United states of America on Insulting Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam at John F. Kennnedy Airport, New york. The activist of the Raza Academy, which had also organised a mass Rally at Azad Maidan, Mumbai in 2006 against the arrival of then President George Bush to India, send an old pair of shoes to Mr. Barack Obama,President of U.S through U.S consulate.

Muhammad Saeed Noori, General Secretary of Raza Academy told that America is biggest terrorist .It is murdering innocent civilians in the name of bringing peace since bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki at Japan. Now after leading  unjustified attacks on Libiya it is preparing a war with Iran. The war on terror has nothing to do with democracy or peace but it is an propaganda war to destabilise the growing economies   to utilise them for its own benefit. U.S is not friend to anyone,it is its own friend and Indian govt. must understand this fact. We should now open our eyes and must not depend on US for various Policies at International level.The recent insult of former Indian President Dr. APJ Abdul kalam at JFK International airport in the name of checking shows how much it has respect to our highest level leaders and Politicians . India must not act like  slave countries and must lodge its strong Protest by summoning the Counsel of U.S at Ministry of Foreign Affairs because it is a matter of national prestige and pride.

We are sending a Pair of shoes to U.S president Barack Hussain Obama through U.S consulate at New Delhi that it may learn a lesson.

Muhammad Saeed Noori
General Secretary
Raza Academy




  1. i Do Agree With Saeed Sir…….America Is the Only the Terrorist Country In whole over the
    World, We All Should Come Together And Face the Problem of Terrorist.

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