Salman Rushdie’s arrival agitated Indian Muslims

Jaipur/New Delhi 10th Jan 2012

Controversial author Salman Rushdie who has caused a lot of pain and anger in Muslim world by his evil writings, is once again coming to India to attend a literary festival in Jaipur Rajasthan .The literary festival  will be held at Jaipur from 21st Jan 2012  .

Muslim organisations are agitated and have demanded cancellation of his Visa.

All India Ulema and Mashaikh Board,Raza Academy,MSO of India have threatened to protest if his visa is not cancelled.MSO Jaipur State organised a protest meeting in Jaipur yesterday on 9th Jan 2012 under the patronship of Chief Mufti of Jaipur Muhammad Abdulssattar Razwi.Syed Muhammad Qaudri National President of MSO said ,” Indian govt . must respect the feelings of Indian Muslims and why this person is so important for them that he got Visa again and again”.

Several Scholars around the world have issued verdict against his Kufria Book,”The Satanic” verses in which he insulted beloved Prophet Muhammad Sallallaholaihiwasalam .



  1. Why should the arrival of Rusti make us feel agitated ? It is non sense to do so. We must readily submit Holy Quran to the taste of free discussion.Let thousand Rustis and crores of Thasleen come and heap the world with their writings. Truth will prevail.

  2. The / http://www.anwar sheik contains biographical incidents of Mohammed which are

    highly barbaric. You must refute those articles if they were false .If true explain and justify first.

    No web contain any articles which refute alisina . I request you to refute alisina/anwar sheik first,

    Then let your attention turn to Salman

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