Mawlid,Miladun Nabi (Sallallaholaihiwassalam) News around the world.

AlHamdulillah Mawlid shareef is celebrated around the world in all Islamic countries and in many Non Muslim countries with a Public holiday.

Old City gears up for Milad-un-Nabi


It is that time of the year when the entire Purana Shaher is enveloped by the colour green as Muslims in the City gear up to celebrate Milad-un-Nabi. Enter Old City and every by-lane is dotted with green flags and decorative lights with fliers and posters floating around.

The festival is celebrated with religious fervour and gaiety. The day is marked with processions, public meetings and feeding of the poor. However, locals say that with various sects and schools mushrooming in Hyderabad, the way of celebrating has also changed.

Reminder of the Prophet’s example

Feb 3, 2012

As tomorrow marks the Prophet Mohammed’s birthday, Muslims will be reminded in today’s sermon of the traits he showed that they should emulate and teach to their children.

“He was compassionate with his family, a joyful companion, gentle with his children and grandchildren,” the sermon says.

“He once led people in prayer while [his granddaughter] Umama, the daughter of Zainab, was on his back. He was the most generous, gentle and patient of all.”

Many attributes of the Prophet Muhammad


NEVER has so much been written by so many on the life of one human being, of any time, than on Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Eminent people from other faiths, too, have showered him with praise.



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