Muslims Protested against Zakir Naik’s arrival in Kishanganj, Bihar

29th March Kishanganj,Bihar

Muslims of Kishanganj  organised a massive rally to protest against the planned arrival of Zakir Naik in the region.Sunni Muslims carrying Playcards and Banners , raising slogans marched on the National Highway of Kishangnaj.People were demanding immediate ban on Zakir naik’s speeches in the city.

The protesters  presented Memorandum to Distt administration demanding Ban on his programmes.Ulemas and Social activist were leading the masses on the streets while youths and students were raising slogans  like ”We Sunni Muslims dont accept the Wahabi Faith of Zakir Naik”,” Stop the Supporter of Osama Bin Laden”, ”Ban Praiser of Yazeed”, ”Ban Insulter of Hazrat Hussain”,”Ban Wahabi Gustakh” .

It may be noted that this planned event was widely advertised through out Bihar and large hoardings were put all over the area.People were angry that whole area belong to Sufi Sunni Muslims who dont subscribe to hardline Wahabism which is preaching  hate and converting local Muslims into its fold .

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  1. Dr.Zahir Kaik is highly notorious for his perverted interpretation of Hindu and Islamic religions. Some of his teachings are antinational.The Govt should put sufficient cheak on him.By a show of memory power he is cheating the public.

    • My Brother Dr zakir Always Quotes from “Bhagwat Geeta” “Mahabharat” vedas” Bible ” & Qura’n….
      If you says that his teachings r antinational then you all holly books are antinational,,,,

  2. Why Our Govt officials are not banning or taking any serious steps against all these people, who are cheating all the innocent public, we should pray to the super power not any individuals, when this type of people can motivate maximum no of public than why we cant follow our Holy book like, Holy Kuran, Holy, Geeta, Holy Bible, everything is there and I am sure we’ll get more knowledge directly from all these Holy books, but we dont do, we follow this kind of Baba’s who are mostly corrupt and dangerous… LORD PLEASE SAVE THE INNOCENT PEOPLE !!!

  3. Ask this Joker naik to visit countries like sudan, sumaliya, pakistan, afghanistan, syria, libya, palestene, egypt, etc. and try his best to spread so called Peace. Threat to humanity. Lol

  4. Mr. Zakir naik may be a great scholor but he cannot be called a good muslim becaus he try to portray islam in his own way whether it is islamic or not, he dosn’t care.

  5. […] सिंह का यह कहना कि उन्हें मालूम था कि बाबरी मस्जिद का विध्वंस कारसेवकों द्वारा 6 दिसंबर […]

  6. atleast Dr.zakir nayak providing an platform to people who are interested in Islam and want to convert,
    I want to ask if you people who are opposing zakir if you will provide any platform , even I want to become Muslim.

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