Wahabi Zakir Naik lost to Ahle Sunnah Scholar in Sri Lanka

Colombo ,Sri Lanka- Mudaasir Ameen

Zakir Naik faced hard questions on Tawassul or Waseela (intercession ), Following four Imams  in matter of Jurisprudence or Taqleed  and on the Life of Prophets in their graves in Sri Lanka  by young Ahle Sunnah Scholars but could not answer any of the question.He tried to ignore the questions then he was handed over the letter for discussion.To utter surprise of all he could not answer the questions directly posed rather he answered wrongly and rejected Tawassul with out any source.

Person like Zakir Naik who hides their true Wahabi beliefs behind Hindu bashing has been  exposed  by these young Scholars.When he could not answer he said he will reply through Email but when he was reminded same questions were send via mail 4 years back he replied he can’t reply each and every mail as thousands of mails daily comes to his E-Mail adress.Watch the video for deatils-Questions are still opened and challenge is still on.

Is Zakir Naik listening ?


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