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We, the Indian Sunni Muslim Community consisting of Journalist,Activist,Academicians and Professional based in New Delhi and in some other Parts of the Country are trying to Publish real News and Opinions, Covering entire Country concerning Indian Sunni Muslims and their activities.

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We, by this site aims to provide our readers news and information about the socio,political and religious world of India specially concerning with the Indian Muslim community.

Here one can finds the original news of the community from Kashmir to Kerala.We will try our best to tell you all about the Muslim Activities , Scholars and Institutions around the Country.

We will appreciate if You join Us in this efforts and mail us any thing in the form of news or views  from Your region/area/city about Muslim World .

We will  Publish all relevant News /Info/Articles/Interviews/Opinions about Indian Muslim Community.

Comment policy- We have kept this Site Interactive so that we May be able to Know your Views on Various topics.

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We would appreciate your sincere advices and kind Suggestions.

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  1. Salam Alaikum,

    May I ask whether you are a sufi
    Are you sufis or Shias ?
    Do you follow the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad [pbuh] ?
    Or do you believe in going to the graves of saints and asking them for help .?


  2. We Alhamdulillah are Sunni that’s why we have Created this Blog.

    We follow the Sunnah of Prophet salallaho alihi wassalam and
    according to his Sunnah we visit the graves .
    We believes that Only Allah is Ultimate authority WHO Can help but with his Permission and by HIS authority the blessed Ones can help
    HIS people.
    Among them arePprophet,Sahabis,Aulias and Other Pious One.
    This Site is Purely for AhleSunnah Wa’l Jama’h of the World who are always in Majority around the World.

  3. salaam

    Bismillahi wassalato wasalamo ala rasoolillah. ALhamdulillah I am very pleased that our Sunni breathen has awoken in the admist the Wahhabi propaganda and practically doing something about it. it is about time that we rose the challenge of Wahhabism and its likes. I have written a book in reply to a canadian wahhabi, his book namely, t’he Wahhabi myth’, I have rteplied with ‘The Wahhabi Reality.’ showing terrorism is related to Wahhabism around the world and how saudi money is being pumped to propagate and indroctrinate young muslims to become Jihadist as Ismaiel Dehlwi and Syed Ahmad Barelwi Najdis (alaiy-ma-alaiy). My book will be out soom, latest December 2008 inshah-allah. brothers you are doing a grate job, please send me your private email so we can stay in contact that way, as I dont ussually look at sites. do get back to me, your brotherrly in Sunni Islam. M.A.Rizvi. (Leeds, England, UK)

  4. Both of You Mualan Mohammad Ali Rizvi and nabeel bhai..
    please mail me any Story/Article/Opinions related to our Sunni World inshAllah I will be Pleased to Publish them.

    Hping Your Positive response.
    Shahnawaz warsi
    ND India.

  5. Salamz I saw you posred lot of sayyid Alawis videos on you tube please ill be glad if you can inform me as to how can I get them .Jazakallah

  6. Hiiiiiiiiiiiiii Dude
    Why are u so afraid from Zakir Naik.

    I was just surfing net & i come across ur blogs ……wonderfull blogs…and then i read the name of Zakir Naik.In one of ur repliy usaid he is doing mischevious acts so i got curious to know what exactly he is doing…

    I googled his name ,read his wwebsite & now I think he is quite cool guy spreading the things he believe in and atleast better than the persons who worship graves , stones ,etccccc

  7. Assalaamu alaikum,

    I am Asad, 15 from Hyderabad, India.

    I was just planning to start a blog spreading the Hadith and Sunnah of Holy Prophet(saw). Then, I did a search on Google and I was pushed to your blog.

    You are doing a great work!

    But, I need some help from you.

    You have about 5-10 users on an average on your blog.
    So, how do you get those many visitors?

    How do you promote your blog?

    Please, let me know if you need any kind of help.

    I am a Web Designer and a Web Coder and I will try to help you as much as I can.

    Thank you 🙂


  8. @ Jazz : Do you know Urdu?

    If yes, please, go to youtube.com/watch?v=r3RsnvPRanY and watch the video.

    Its better to listen that to read.


  9. Dear asad JazkAllah for ur Praise..The Tags written by Me after the Articles helps in attracting Visitors.Some times it is Special occasion or event that Blog get Many hits.
    Besides I have a Local relations via sms through which it gets Promotion.

    Dear I am Unable to add google adwords here on my Blog Can u Help ?

    • Hazrat, do you want to add ‘AdSense’ to generate revenue or use ‘Adwords’ to promote the site?

      You can’t use AdSense on WordPress.com blogs, but you can use them if you use the WordPress.org platform on your own domain. For example, if you registered Sunninews.net and used the WordPress.org platform/software.

      You can use Adwords to promote this site. I have a voucher from Google to use on Adwords to pr0mote sites. I wont be using the voucher code, so if you want it just let me know.

      • Assalamolaikum
        Sher-e Ghousia

        Actually i had purchased sunninewsonline.com and get it developed but could get it updated due to my busyness .Plz suggest whether ad sense can be applicable to that site and in wat manner..

        thnx and regards

  10. “I googled his name ,read his wwebsite & now I think he is quite cool guy spreading the things he believe in”

    The ignorance is just ridiculous.

    Obviously the website is going to portray Dr Naik in good light.

    What else did you expect? Dr Naik isn’t exactly going to say “I’m a bad person”, “Don’t listen to me because I’m a hypocrite”, etc.

    You wouldn’t make a website about your life and say bad things yourself would you?

  11. I am from Mumbai currently based out of UAE. I find a big difference in culture of India/ Pakistan and UAE.
    I was surprised to know that very few people here know about Shabe baraat. I findthe atmosphere mostly dominated by ideas from Saudi Wahabi or Jamaat e islami.

    May Allah show us all the correct path.

  12. why why do you deface a diving page? no wonder people don’t like you I know not everyone is doing this, but it gives a bad name to all of you. and I can’t change that.

  13. ASSALAAMU ALAIKUM to all my brothers

    we all r muslims so we must fellow the way the path which our prophet [saw] as shown to us n for our guaindes he as left holy quran n his hadis n my dear brothers we all r lovers of holy prophet [saw] but as the day passes day by day fitnas r comng.so at this time we must be togther inspite of pulling legs of each other.we must make our iIMAN strong, we must prayers namaz on time ,we must have a good n correct ILIM which must guide us correct because of molanas isuse we r fighting we must see the way prophet[saw] n sahabas radiallah anu as soon as there have respect kafir and we r not respecting our brother how is taking allah name prophet mohammed [saw] names.if this tabliqi jamat is not right so y prophet[saw] n sahabas go in the path of allah .know you will say there go to fight with kafir n this jamat is going to muslims.dear brothers keep your hand on your heart and say is every muslim liveing 100% on the way our prophet[saw] as shown so first we must be on 100% islam then we must tell others.we r not saying not to go to dargah but be must know the way how we must go n womans must not go we must prayer for them to god.and ask our problems with god for wasilla there is namaz given to us this i m not but prophet [saw] is saying that u must prayer namaz and ask to allah there is lot to say but no words i request you all that you must ones go to jamat and then see what is right n what is wrong.

    allah show all of us the right way ameen

  14. Assalam..

    Well… You are unable to add Google Adwords to this Blog?
    I am sorry to say… but… that doesn’t make sense to me.

    I guess., you want to add Google AdSense to this blog. Right?

    What is the problem? Did you apply for Google AdSense? If yes, what was the reply?

    Please.. mail me at ‘masadullashareef@gmail.com’ and I will be glad to help you!

    Allah Hafiz!



  16. Assalaamalaikum its great to share common belief with pure love and faith without having to explain to anybody whether we are folloing the sufi cult or the path of hindus….Phew!! I would love to contribute to your website

  17. Assalamoalaikum Brothers
    First of all Congrats! for doing great Service to Islam. As true beliver we have to equip with all this new technology to face the ugly belief of Wahabia & Deobandia. No one can guide you better than Ala Hazrat Azeem Barakat (RA).. He was true mujadid and true follower of Imam-e-Azam. Kindly take guidance from him an all matters of faith. Have a Q&A link to answer the queries and also FAQ etc. to make things more interactive and lively. Answer the deviants we pure quoate from Quaran wa hadish. May Allah ba tufaile Mustafa (SAW) and Imam e Hussan RA Give you strenth. Khuda Hafiz.

  18. Assalamu Alaikkum
    I am beleving Ahlu Sunnathu val Jamath ,also the great our Usthad AP Aboobacker Assalamu Alaikkum, the behind this comment ,about our modern studies and our Isamic studies,every day in the eraly morning our childs they are redy to go by “BUS” TO THE SCHOOL , masha allah east, west and north kerala I think they are thinking more about islamic studies and modersn studies, but in south we are suffering for the islamic studies for our childs, because the metropolitain life its going to a Khafir life, why we are not thinking about a Islamic School bus every jamaath?at least they can pic and drop our child to the arabic schools and return?monthly for school bus our parants giving 600rps fopr the bus, for this expence lessthan 200rps I think, in kerala a girl after 5 , she want to a guard to go out side , that much our culture grownup,the comming generation its very difficult to live the country, ” NINAKKU ISTAM, ENIKKU ISTAM” its will come soon, because they are not afraid about religion and hadhees, so every jamaath atleast put 3 wheeler for our childs to go to arabic classs , if I am bringing a moulavi to my home howmuch I want to give a salary and end of the day he is getting a bad name also, kindly announce this type of idias to our jamath peopls , they are bloddy stuppid what they are doing for our mahal? I hope you will give me a reply soon,this is not my hurt, my daughter she also going to madrasa ,Alhamdulillah
    Assalamu Alaikkum

  19. Mashallah you are doing a great service to the Ahle Sunnah Wal Jamah, its high time we made moves to counter the extremist Wahabbi/Ahle Hadith movement. The Ahle Sunnat is the path of all the Caliphates, including the glory period of Islam when Muslims lead the world in all fields of learning and progress. The Wahabbis with all their oil wealth have not managed to achieve that glory, as their path is contrary to the progressive spirit of true Islam.
    May Allah grant success to our cause.

  20. Brothers In Islam-
    I am alone now I wish to form- Anjuman-e-Faizan-e-Mustafa (SAW) in Nacharam/Tranaka/Habsiguda Secunderabad-Hyderabad.
    The aim to spread true Islam (Ahle sunnah wa Jamaat) based on teachings of Ahle bait (RA), Ghause Pak (RA) ,Khwaja Gharib Nawaz RA and Imam Ahmed Raza Khan (RA), The proposed tanzeemwill be non-political, nationalist going to serve poors (both in Ilme din and otherwise) with true spritulism.
    Kindly join extend your hand and definitely Allha subhanhu taala will bestow all the goodness in this life and there after.
    Please send me e-mail to mehboob_nawaz@yahoo.com

  21. dear brothers, ass-salamualakum
    i am homelass in the city of seattle (wa) our here police department doing crime aginest with me police do not have any evidence to i am doing stealling crime our here and i all so report to the police department same one assault me but police officer do not assist me and i all so contact to the law firm the do not assist me and i all so contact to the media all around the national no one want to take the responsibility about the crime,
    i am from india i all so contact to the my country media the do not take the responsibility about the crime,
    i beleave behand the crime (us) government,
    i need your help thank you
    note, i am in (u,s,a) since 1994

  22. Great! I am the most happiest to see this site and that too in India where the tentacles of the Wahhabi/Salafi poison is spreading amongst the innocent both literate & illiterate just by citing out of context portions of some Quranic verses and Hadiths. I wish you great success and hope you will achieve in your efforts to spread Humanity which is what is spoken about by Allah by revealing Islam and which is what is practised by the Ahle Sunnath Jamaat.

  23. Congratulations and very happy to know about this site and I wish all success in your efforts to reach deeper to the society and let them know the difference between Ahle Sunnath jamaath followers and other sects which portray themselves as real Muslims.

  24. Salam,
    Dear Site owners, i have visited to your website it’s a very nice and your struggle about true beliefs is really appreciate able, and the way of your work against Bad-mazhab is also very nice, May ALLAH you get succeeded in the all stages of your struggle ,

    jazak ALLAH khair,
    Navaid Khan,
    from Pakistan.

  25. More power to you. Any time brothers and sisters can promote truth without agenda to the people enhances and encourages others; bringing them closer to their destiny; which many times is not achieved.

  26. As salamu alaikum

    Dear Warsi Saheb first of all i would like to congragulate you for this great task. By reading your blogs we can make out that our sunni community people are strugling to kick wahabism. By the way we are a Small Group working Under the Banner of Noori Foundation in Bangalore Karnataka for the upliftment of Ahle Sunnat Wa Jamaat. I hope we can help each other for the same to achieve our goal.

    Shukran Was Salaam
    Syed Sajjad Ahmed
    Noori Foundation

  27. Assalam o alaikum,

    I am Alhamdolillah a sunni and belongs to Ahle Sunnat wal jamat, but in my view the way in which peoples specially sajjadah and who are sitting around tomb is not doing a peny for Islam and the teaching of Prophet (PBUH), and the teaching of buzugaan e din (Khawaja Sb., Qutubuddin Bakhtiyar kaki and Haztt. Nizamudding Aulia) etc. never seen on them. So the new generation is going far or its a kind of hate, because of their full involvement in corruption and money collection. Its really reverse of the teaching of our ancestors. Sajjada is not having knowledge of Deen nor they deserve for duniya, mostly of them are 10th or 10th +2 level. How can they transform Islam in 21st Centuary, its need for churning for revival of Sunni muslim specially in south asia.
    I want to know your view……
    with immense regards…
    syed mohammad raghib

  28. dear sir, i am homelass in the city of seattle (wa) our here police department doing crime aginest with me police do not have any evidence to i am doing stealling crime our here and i all so report to the police department same one assault me but police officer do not assist me and i all so contact to the law firm the do not assist me and i all so contact to the media all around the national no one want to take the responsibility about the crime,
    i am from india i all so contact to the my country media the do not take the responsibility about the crime,
    i beleave behand the crime (us) government
    i need your help, thank you
    note, i am in (u,s,a) since 1994

  29. AOA,
    Jenaab Misbaheee sahib i send u a letter,at darulqalam address.
    I hope u will ans me quickly. I need ur address and tell number.
    00923005433160 its my number ALLAH HAFIZ

  30. Assalamoalakum,
    I m very pleased to see this website. Really it is the best sunni website as far as islamic news is concerned. I would like to suggest you for its publicity particularly in muslim minority colleges. i have seen many muslim colleges where Jamate islami is propagating themselves by managing seminars etc. At this time we need a literate sunni community so try to open libraries.

    May alla bless you

    Allah Haafiz

  31. Assalamu alaikum,
    It is very nice to co-ordinate the Sunni activities through this blog. And wishing you to improve your area of operations in global level. There had a conference held in cochin at 3rd May ’09 to co-ordinate all sunni believers under a single roof; please include its progress also in your blog. Wishing you all the best.
    I am from Kannur(Kerala); working in Sharjah(UAE).

  32. As salamu alaikUm

    Dear Brother, May Allah Azzawajal showers his blessings upon you and your team for organising this Oganization.

    I have tried so many times to contact you but i dint got any reply,

    Please u can mail me.

      • Asslam Aleh kum warahimtulahi waberktuhu.

        Mujhe khawab ki tabir bataye

        Mai apne khawab men ek bujrug ko dekha Aur
        Wo mujh se kah rahe hi ki Kuraan paak ki Tilwat karo Namaaj Pado Phir Maine Kuch din Amal kiya but is samay bich bich min Meri Namaaj chut Jati Hai aur mai kaam men muskil aane lagi
        Pls mere kahe alfaaj par gour farmaye
        PLs Aur mujhe………………….

      • wassalam..according to Mufti Hamid Raza Barkati sahab that Khawab is nek Khawab. U hav been directed by the WaliAllah to Perform Namaz and Tilawat If U can do it it will be better fr u life time.
        U will get Success here and hereafter.


  33. assalam waliakum

    thank you soooooooooooooooooooooomuch
    for replying bhai plz mera liya dua kare ke mai
    naik aur ashiqee rasool hojayu

    allah tala aap ko es kaam ka ajar de

    one sagean thanyou

  34. assalam waliakum

    dear brother.Even i want to take beyaath
    but i did’nt have murshid to show right part
    know my age is 17th.I want to take soon
    pleas give replying
    thank you

    • If u Live nearby Delhi then Amin-e-Millat Hazrat Ameen Min Qaudri Barkaati Sajjjada Nashin of Marehra sharif is most suitable Person.He is real gem of Islam in Present time.
      He has millions of Muslims with him as mureeds .

      Waise I am Warsi ..You may also choose Warsi Tariqa of Great Aulia Hazrat Sarkar Waris Pak.Who always blesses his Mureeds even after his Parda from World.

  35. assalam waliakum

    Even i want to take beyaath in warsi
    Iam in banglore, were i should go and search
    him please brother can you tell
    allah aap ko dauno jaaha mai bhalaaye attakare

  36. assalam waliakum

    Dear brother.
    I am troubling you lot because except my father in my whole family
    They won’t believe in beyaath and going to dargha
    Sorry for troubling leakin mujhe sunni ban kar marna hai

    Thank you

    • We are more than Pleased to Inform You and share with you any Information whatever we can share with You regarding Islam.
      We Pray to allah Almight to give you strength and guide you parents.May allah fulfill your Jaiiz Wishes.

  37. Asalam u alikum. I am very happy that you are presenting the right picture about Hazrat Imaam Ahmad RA. He is a great Sufi scholar and all of his works are based on true love for Allah and Prophet PBUH.

    It was really a nice experience while going through this interactive website of AHLESUNAT WAL JAMMAT.I liked the articles on the various topics which were availible on the site.I am a student and i am from Kashmir.This is in fact a great service towards the great cause.If u will allow me I will also like to contribute in this regard from our state.Our state being the abode of sufis and saints a lot of activities are also taking place in this regard .

  39. assalam waleakum

    some body showed me photo of
    hazrath gause e azam dastageer
    it is true pleas tell me


  40. assalam waleakum

    kya gause azam dastageer & khwaja garib nawaz rasool allah (swa) ke gharane se hai

    saab awliya un ki ahle baith hai

  41. assalam waleakum
    dear brother wrsi
    i am working in company, they have some pooja even they call us, can we sit for that? if we wount sit for that, they will feel bad and they will tell us that we will also respect your religous .


    • Wassalam
      You need not to go for the Puja.No need to tell Each and every One that You why You are not coming for their Pooja.You can talk to very neutral one among them in a very Pleasant and soft Manner that We respect Your feelings and Belief .The Puja is a Special act of Hindu religion and we dont do this.Excuse Us for that.Plz convey my this messgae if any One Inquire about me.
      Simple .

      You have to send Your message in a good and Positive manner.If they Insist tell them We dont request you to offer Namaz then Plz dont say us to Offer Pooja.It is Your Personal Choice.

      Remember Allah ki Khushi se Badhkar Kuch Nahin hai.
      Allah aapki Madad Kare.

  42. iam mansoorali faizee from pollachi. i appreciate and congradulate to grow grow up and work for the sunni.com


  43. Muje aap loag say madad chahey ke hum loag finacial problem may hai aur muslim bacho ko taleym dete hai aap loag say gusarish hai ke un bactey ke madad ke

  44. asalam u alaikum wrwb dear n respected brothers
    i really enjoyed ur website keep up the good work mashallah may ALLAH reward u witht he best
    iam a student of islamic law third year now and i wanted a book by ibn al tayamiyyah if u can suggest me link where i can get online books of ahl sunaah wal jama”ah it would be v nice of u and plese email it to me at ***@gmail.com

    May ALLAH bless u all always

    • Respected sister small advice Ibn-e-Taimiyya is not from Ahle Sunnat wal Jamaat. Just read his wrong Aqaid.You are welcome to ask here.

      Plz also dont tell your mail to Public.Many person may start writing wrong Aida to You.
      Hope u will Understand.



  46. I think there should be an oppertunity for public to get fatwa regarding doubts from top level scholars through this web site or by e mail

  47. As Salaam O Alaikum

    I am moving to Noida From Bangalore Because of Work.I will Be staying inNoida For 6 months.I want to know about sunni masjid in and around sector 16

  48. salaam ur doing great job why nt try to connect every city and silsil and provide information on baaity where people look fr pir frm chisthy kadam

  49. asalamwalaikum

    Theres things i fail to understand

    I am a sunni muslim and so is my entire family, however, the wahabbis classify themselves as sunnis to

    please elaborate on the ddifferences.

    And is it right to differentiate and classify muslims?

    At the end of the day its not really what you call yourself but more of whats in your heart which only Allah knows.

    I do agree that we are the group that show respect to our beloved nabi, our ways are the ways of our beloved Rasool,

    however we focus so much on creating groups than actually practising islam.


    • Big brother,

      Assalamalehkum warahimatullah wabarkatuhu.

      I reuest u Aap hame Koi Achchi si Dua Bataye
      APni Trakki ke liye kiyo ki Har kam Bante- Bante ruk Jata hai because Jise Hum hamesa padte rahe Aap ki Badi meharbani hogi.

  51. Assalam O Alaikum

    I want to Expose this Whabis and Deobandis.Ashraf Ali Thanvi he is the Head of the Deodandis in India in his Translation of Quran he insulted Prophet Muhammad(SAW) the Surah is Fath(Victory) Para No 26, and Ayat No. 2

  52. Assalam O Alaikum

    I want answers from the Deobandis (Terrorist) enemy of our Countries. I appreciate exposing Deobandis at International level by Pakistan Permanent UN Representative Mr Haroon.Well Done.eliminate the Enemies of Islam within the dress of Islam.

  53. Assalam O Alaikum

    I want to Expose this Whabis and Deobandis.Ashraf Ali Thanvi he is the Head of the Deodandis in India in his Translation of Quran he insulted Prophet Muhammad(SAW) the Surah is Fath(Victory) Para No 26, and Ayat No. 2.

    I want answer from u people as Responsible body of Sunni Muslim.

    • muhammed bhai ,
      kindly learn to write and spell properly and please dont make an arse of yourself by asking stupid and senseless questions.

  54. Assalamo alaikum,
    We have all the all the islamic panic producing books compiled by all Wahabies and Deobandis by which expose=ing the infiedels ideas before simple population consequently a lot of people have adopted the right idea of Ahlesunnat now.
    Farooque azam Patna -09507230723

  55. Big Brother,

    Assalaam Alehkum warahimatullah wabarkatuhu

    Mai U.P. sulanpur ka rahne wala hu
    Mai ek Sunnate Rasul ke naam se Tanjeem open karna Chaheta hu Jisme Allah ke rah min kuch Kaam kiya jasake Sunnate Rasul ke bare min Bataya ja sake Aur Tableeg ke liye sunnat jamat Ja sake but mai Delhi men Job kar raha hu .
    Aur mere Yaha par log Kaafi log Gumrah ho rahe hai. is gumrahhit ko rokne ke liye .
    Aap se request hai ki mujhe sahi advice de.
    Sultanpur Tahseel- Musafir khana,Baldi Ray, para Bazaar ka hu

  56. Big brother,

    Pls Aap Hame bateye ki sunni masjid delhi kaha kaha hai mai is samay Laxmi Nagar men rahta hu.

  57. sir/madame,
    kindly please furnish me with relevant hadiths to the effect that all this funfare and merrymaking at graves of pious persons is allowed and permissible. in addition can you proof and substantiate whether the illustrious companions of the holy prophet [peace and blessings be upon him] celebrated his birthday the way you bareilvy clowns are going around and celebrating ? cum on man ! get real ! i have been to this urs [fair] and mate you be surprised as to what goes on there in the name of zikr and quawali[mawali] . the guys are all high on ganja and poor and innocent, uneducated , illiterate muslims are conned into participating in these unislamic practices that has no basis in the shariah and the majority of these grave worshippers dont even perform the compulsory prayers but spend hours involved in these pagan practices to satisfy their base desires.
    so mate supply me with proof !
    one more thing : stop wasting all this resources and time and energy by criticising others and try using all this money by improving the lot of the muslims in india as far as poverty , employment and other social ills are taking place. as the saying goes : people in glass houses should’nt throw stones.
    thank you and have a nice day

  58. hi,
    can you chaps concentrate on the more important issues in life that is effecting muslims around the world than slinging mud and criticising the wahabis and the deobandies and other various muslims and organizations.
    muslims are getting killed in iraq, afghanistan, kashmir, palestine , etc and you guys are wasting precious time, energy, money , etc in running fellow muslims down. concentrate on the more important issues that muslims are confronting and forget about your personality clashes and grow up. stop being self righteous and get rid of all this hatred, malice, envy, etc and try to educate and teach muslims values and ettiquettes. islamic and moral values.
    thanks and get down to performing the compulsory duties than the late night quawali shows and sleeping through the fajr azaan and salaat . how about that ?

  59. Janab Warsi Bhai,
    Assalam Alehkum warahimatullahi waberkatuhu.
    Hume Aap ek khwab ki Tabir bataye Mai subah Aajan se pahle maine ek khwb dekha ek mere Bade bhai jaise hai Wo Kuran Paak ki Tilawat kar rahe hai wo Kuran paak 2 to 2.5 mtr Lambi aur choudhi hai unone us kalaampaak men mujhe kuch Dikha rahe hai, aur wahi mere papaji Chacha bhi hai jo hadis ki kitaab liye hai usi waqt mai need se bedar ho gaya, pls I request u Tabir bataye.

  60. You Deobandis not understand the islam Of our Prophet. you people understand the religion of Terrorists.You have no Moral right to speak about Islam and Sunnah.Understand Wahabi.May Allah Guide U

  61. You deobandis doesn’t understand Islam as whole.Simply for money and power spreading rumors and making Bluff to Students by guiding wrong teachings.You follow the religion Terrorists i.e., Al Qaeda(The Killer of Humanity).You Wahabi you have no moral right to speak about Islam and its teachings

    • @Mohammad Rafeeq
      “simply for money and power”
      “spreading rumors”
      “Making Bluff”
      “Religion of Terrorists”
      “Al Qaeda The Killer of Humanity”
      Have you got any more graffiti like this !!!
      What a clown he does not know the difference between “Deobandis and Wahabi”, and i would not be suprised if he doe not know his left from right or to the fact, that he knows anything at all !!!

  62. Assalamualaikum
    Brother we need to see that are we following what Our Prophet commanded us to do and the Quran?
    Everybody among the muslim can say that he is from Ahlus Sunnah wal Jamaah,so you cant say that everyone is right.
    The prophet (SAW) said in his hadith : ” I leave 2 things to you -the Quran and the Hadith adhere to these ”
    What you people from this blog are doing are spreading all the misconceptions in islam,
    Tell me with any authentic proofs and evidences that the prophet said to do sajda to the dead ,and to call upon to other than ALLAH…
    Please brother I ask you to read the Quran and hadith and follow it rather on the so called Maulanas and Imams,,,because the Quran and the hadith are the correct others can be wrong if they dont quote quran and hadith.
    Give me Sahih Hadith or a Quranic Ayat in which there is written that to do what you people are doing…!!
    May Allah Guide us all…!ameen

    Sheikh Abubacker Ahmad is Secretary-General of the Kerala-based Sunni Cultural Center (Markaz). He is also known as Kanthapuram Aboobacker Musliyar. He has brought a renaissance in the South Indian Muslim lives, especially among the traditional Sunnis. He has opened a largest, charity educational institution in the Karanthur, Calicut Kerala .
    The Muslims of Kerala have been keeping a creative identity in social, political and cultural realms. The social interference fashioned by the Kerala Muslims on the platform of Islamic humanitarianism testifies their vigilant religious life and original social existence. The God-fearing life style of the forgone scholars played a major role in creatively employing the cultural possibilities of the Islamic life. The dynamic moral fiber of the Muslim life in Kerala is imprinted by the vibrant social leadership of the awe-inspiring Ulemas. The roots of such Organic Intellectual life can be traced in scholars like Sheikh Zainuddin Maqdooms, Omer Qasi, Sayed Alavi of Mampurom, and Ali Musliyar…etc. The public opinion and communal interests of the Muslims of Kerala has been greatly influenced by the brave social interference of these Ulemas, and of course, Kanthapuram A. P. Aboobacker Musliyar is a real inheritor of this Dharma of the rich and scholastic legacy of the Kerala Muslims.

    Kanthapuram would be remembered by the future generation on the very fact that he led forward the contemporary Muslim multitude from a chaotic and apprehensive stage to one with confidence and hope. He guided the Kerala Muslim Society by redefining the sense of duty of the Ulama or the learned, and actively involving in the process of social reformation, and thereby played an incomparable role in linking the Islamic society with the mainstream population. He bequeathed great respite on the anxieties of a society, which had been historically sidelined, by presenting the communal issues on the wider perspective of social justice.

    We could distinguish in Kanthapuram, a traditional Islamic scholar, who had been missing from the brilliant past of the Islamic civilization.

    The legion which Kanthapuram cultivated through educational and humanitarian services gives a lot of anticipation for a promising Islamic Society. Therefore, the life of Kanthapuram A. P. Aboobacker Musliyar defines and plays an important part of the Muslim community of Kerala. The significance of the revival which Kanthapuram proved lies in the fact that he could form this alternative perspective of a renaissance of the community without deviating from the social mainstream. Further, this progression convinced the modern society that the Islamic knowledge system does not refuse any developmental ideas.

    For this reason alone the accomplishments and backdrop of Kanthapuram demand reading and revision. This will help the formation of religious oriented developmental ideas of social progress of the national Muslims in general and Kerala Muslims in particular. Kanthapuram can also provide some creative and innovative lessons to the emerging Islamic political thoughts of national and international scene for the very individuality of shielding the secular modern thinking with the traditional religious approach. This evaluation should be done on a unique perspective of a real scholar, who stood in the interests of social commitments, other than a mere individual.
    Jamia Markazu Ssaqafathi Ssunniyya is a charitable, non governmental, nonprofit, educational and cultural centre established in Calicut, south Indian state of Kerala on 18th April1978. It has become one of the major educational institutions in Kerala, which includes 40 branches in different areas of education and training of religious, modern and technical education from pre-school to the master’s level. It attracts about 9,000 students from various parts of India and foreign countries, including 700 orphan boys, 500 orphan girls, and 350 poor and orphan students from Kashmir. In addition to administrate educational activities the Markaz is carrying out humanitarian and charity projects such as adoption of orphans and other activities for the well being of the poor, the needy, the elderly and widows, and building and renovation of Masjids and digging wells etc.

    Markazu ssaqafathi sunniyya (sunni cultural center)
    Karanthoor (po)
    Calicut Kerala-673571
    Tel-0091495-2800121,2800421,2800427, 2800330

    [edit] Education
    General: Completed primary education from AMLP School, Kanthapuram later finished Elementary Education.
    • Primary Education and Holy Quran from the local Madrasa.
    • Higher education from the Religious Schools in Vavadu, Thalakkadathur and Chaliyam.
    • Moulavi Fazil Baquavi Degree (Bachelor Degree in Islamic Studies and Arabic) from the Jamia Baquiyatu Salihat, Vellore Tamil Nadu, India.
    Languages known:Arabic, Malayalam, Urdu and Tamil
    [edit] Books & Literary works
    In Arabic
    • Ismathul Anbiya (عصمة الأنبياء)
    • Assiyasathul Islamiyya (السياسة الإسلامية)
    • Al Vahdathul Islamiyya (الوحدة الإسلامية)
    • Al Ithibau wal Ibthidau (الاتباع والابتداع)
    • Riyadhu Thalibeen (رياض الطالبين)
    • Idharul Farah Wassuroor bi Meeladi Nnabiyyil Mabroor
    (اظهار الفرح والسرور بميلاد النبي المبرور)
    • Almoulidu Rraviyy (المولد الروي)
    • Tha’adeemul Akabir wahthiramu Sha’air (تعظيم الأكابر واحترام الشعائر)
    • Faidanul Muslsalath Fee Bayanil Ijazah Al Muthadavilah
    (فيضان المسلسلات في بيان الاجازة المتداولة)
    • Tariqathu thasawwuf (طريقة التصوف)
    • Al Barahin ul Qat’iyyah fir Raddi Alal Qadiyaniyyah
    (البراهين القطعة في الرد على القاديانية)
    • Adillathu Salatit Tarawih (أدلة صلاة التراويح)
    • Eesal ut Tawab Li Inqaz il Mayyiti Min al Eqab (ايصال الثوب لإنقاذ الميت من العقاب)
    In Local language (Malayalam)
    • Islam and Qadiyanism
    • Women and Prayer
    • A Complete study about Ahle Sunnah
    • Tolerance in Islam
    • The Hajj
    • Thoughts of the Muslim World
    • The Group Prayer after Namaz
    • A Comprehensive Study about the Spirituality in Islam.
    • Also a columnist in current Arabic and Malayalam periodicals
    Seminars and conferences attended
    • National and International seminars conducted in different states of India
    • Presided over various Islamic conferences conducted all over India according to different occasions.
    • He has been attending in the International Islamic Conference held by Islamic Supreme Council of The Arab Republic of Egypt almost every year since 1990.
    • In the year 1996 he Attended the First International Unity Conference held in Los Angeles, U.S.A and delivered a lecture on Religious Harmony in India.
    • In the same year he attended an International Seminar held in British Columbia, Canada.
    • In the year 1998 he attended the Second Islamic Unity Conference held in Washington D.C, U.S.A.
    • In the Year 1999 Sheikh participated in the Inaugural ceremony of Masjid Abee Ubaidah Al Jarrah in Jordan and the Seminar on Importance of Prophetic Teachings.
    • In the year 2000 he attended in the International Islamic Conference held in Sri Lanka
    • In the Year 2001 he attended in the Islamic Conference held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
    • In the year 2003 he attended the International Fiqh Seminar, held in Johannesburg, South Africa
    • In the year 2004 he attended the Hasanyya lectures conducted in Morocco by His Majesty the King of Morocco.
    Award and Facilitations:
    • Award for the best social worker in the world by Darul Islam academy Rasal Khaima, UAE in 1992.
    • Indian Islamic Centre Award 2000 for the best social cultural and educational worker in India.
    • International Islamic Personality Award by Indo Arab Foundation UAE in 2006.

    As an Educational Revolutionary
    He is the mastermind behind the great success of Markazu Ssaquafati Ssunniyya established in 1978 which accommodates 15000 students under its various faculties. He is the founder of hundreds of institutes.[citation needed] He controls and directs more than 300 associated educational, religious institutions and more than 10000 madrasas (Class 1-10) growing with amazing pace following the footsteps of its parent organisation.[citation needed]
    As a dynamic leader he holds the following post of
    • Advisory Member of the Islamic Supreme Council of America
    • Corresponding Member of the Royal Aal al Bayt Institute for Islamic Thought, Jordan.
    • General Secretary of Mrkazu Saquafati Sunniyya
    • General Secretary of All India Muslim Scholars Organisation
    • Treasurer Islamic Educational Board of India
    • Secretary of Kerala State Sunni Jamiyyatul Ulama
    • Chairman of the Supreme Council, Sunni Youth Organization of Kerala
    • Chief Qadhi of Calicut District Muslim Jama’at
    • Chief Qadhi of Wayanad District Muslim Jama’at
    • Chairman of different Muslim seminaries in Kerala.
    • Chairman of the Executive of about 1500 Islamic Educational complexes in India.
    Academic Positions
    • Raeesu Jamia Markazu Ssaquafathi Ssunniyya al Islamiyya Karanthur, Kozhikode, Kerala, India.
    • Manager Markaz Higher Secondary School, Karanthur
    • Manager Al Farooqiyya High School Cheranallur, Ernakulam
    • Manager Fathimabi High School Koompara, Kozhikode
    • President, Muhimmathul Muslimeen Education Center, Kasaragod, Kerala, India
    • Managing Director, Siraj Daily News Paper Published from Kozhikode in Malayalam language.
    • Publisher, Sunni Voice Fortnightly Published from Kozhikode in Malayalam.
    • Presiding Editor, Assaqafa Arabic Monthly Published from Kozhikode.

    He called on
    International heads of states like President Husni Mubarack of Egypt, Sultan Qaboos of Oman, Late King Hussain of Jordan, Shaikh Khalifa bin Zaed Al Nahyan of UAE and Shaikh Hasan VI of Morocco etc.
    The Prime Ministers of India namely, Atal Bihari Vajpeyi, Rajiv Gandhi, Narasimha Rao, V.P.Singh & Deve Gowda & Manmohan Sing and Chief Ministers of different states and cabinet ministers.
    A total of 10,000 students are studying at this Markaz including 1,500 orphans. “They come from different parts of India, including Kashmir and Hariyana. The institution does not charge a penny either from orphans or poor students for their food, clothes, accommodation and medical expenses.

    Founded in 1978, the center works for honing the leadership qualities of the ulema in particular and the Muslims in general. The center has been trying to improve the quality of Islamic education among Muslims with the help of Arab and Muslim nations. Many eminent scholars from various Arab and Islamic countries have visited the center on different occasions .
    Al-Azhar Recognizes Markazu Saqafathi Sunniya
    Al-Azhar University of Cairo has extended its recognition to courses taught by the Jamia Markazu Ssaqafati Ssunniyya, a major Muslim educational and charitable institution in the southern Indian state of Kerala, disclosed by Sheikh Aboobacker Ahmed, secretary-general of the Markaz managing committee /.
    Political view
    General Secretary of the All India Sunni Jum Iyyathul Ulema Kanthapuram A.P. Aboobacker Musliar has confirmed and announced a policy of “helping those who help us” to support any political party. In recent years his role in Parliament and assembly election was noted by almost every politician in India.
    he is not only leader of Muslim but also he strongly recommending to upgrading of poor people

    • Hi All
      Assalamu alaikum.
      Can I get a photo of Sheikh Aboobakkar Ahmad with Hon. Egyptian President Husni Mubarak?



      • @Hashim
        Surely you are not thinking of practicing Idol worship ?????
        “Egyptian President Husni Mubarak”…. he is well gone man!

    • Assalaamu alaikum brother Azam

      We have printed an edition of our magazine on the subject of Tabarrukaats. Please forward your address to me so I can forward it to you. Wassalaam.

      Abdul Malique Haji, coordinator,
      Sirat ul Muslimin Magazine, Manchester, England.

      • Assalaamu alaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuhu Ramadan Mubarak. I would be obliged if you would put me on your mailing list for Sunninews and any other publications. I am coordinator for SIrat ul Muslilmin publications in UK and promote Ahle Sunnat wal Jamaat aqida and would like to receive publications and emails relating to the subject.

        Jazakallah and wassalaam. Abdul Malique Haji, FCCA

        Date: Wed, 10 Jul 2013 09:47:23 +0000 To: malhaj786@hotmail.com

  64. AlhamduliLlah, I’m happy to find this site for Ahlussunnah wal Jama’ah. One thing I hope from you at India, it is very good to make a kind of reortage about Wahhabi activities at your area. We are at Indonesia do it. Wahhabi and it supporters take over many mosques, and try to infuse their teaching on Indonesian Muslims who belong to Ahlussunnah wal Jama’ah. We can share our information about this and other issue.

  65. Popular Front of India (PFI) basically a South Indian group started to spread its work outside South India. It first came to Indore just before the arrest of Safder Nagori Group (SNG). The financier of SNG joined the PFI. SNG was arrested from Indore.

    An independent local sunni barelvi group was also working at Indore in the name of its founder Jafar T. Kareem lala and Jafar T both were leading the Jafar T group. The group was supporter of SIMI. But after the arrest of SNG, the Jafar T. group also joined PFI.

    Later on the SNG was accused of Ahmedabad blast. And the link of Hydrabad Blast and Ajmer Blast were also found at Indore. The Hindu terrorist were arrested in this regard.

    All the incidents proves that the splitting of the SIMI, arresting of SNG from Indore, connectivity of different blasts from Indore, All these happened to damage the structure and ideology of SIMI, and to pave way for PFI as an alternate. The manner in which the work of PFI has expanded in a great speed from south to north proves the claim.

    All these things associated with PFI makes it highly suspicious. Therefore to create the soft corner for the PFI one more conspiracy comes to the fore. The present scene of raid on PFI offices, the arresting of its members, all is a drama. A professor of south India has wrote something blasphemous against our beloved prophet HAZRAT MUHAMMED (SAW). Some one has chopped his hand and thus the drama begin.

    If sincere Muslims will not investigate the matter deeply, the personality of our beloved prophet HAZRAT MUHAMMED (SAW) will be used again and again for the achievement of cheap goals of such third class peoples.

    • Do you want to say that PFI asked the professor to wrote blasphemous about the Prophet(PBUH) ?.. later the PFI activists chop the hands of professor & create the drama to gain sympathy and support from common muslims.?
      Its quite clear to me that people like you are working for the outfits/organisations,who wants to divide the Indian muslim community in different sects.Their sole intention is Indianisation/hindunisation of muslims in india.

  66. Aaslam o Alaikum, I personally visited this website and pleased to see the great efforts of my brothers, whose paid pivotal role to introduce this website. I wish that Allah Almighty bless his shower of blessings to all the muslims so we could chose right path.

  67. Hi. I am Hindu/Atheist from Assam. Would like to congratulate you on the good work you are doing. Ultimately everyone’s objective is peace and this is the right way forward.

    Keep up the good work.


  68. what are you people doing to help muslims in kashmir ?
    i also need to know how to get in touch with some people who would like to get rid of musharraf ?

  69. assalam alykum,
    jazakallah ..you are doin a great work for spreadin the beliefs of ahle sunnah wal jamah.I am very happy to see your great efforts.Allah subhanowataala reward you for this good work.May you live long.You know this is awesome..usually i found wahabi and deobandi youth very fond of this kindaa work and i feel very sorry .But after seein your work i am very much pleased that a sunni barelwi did this …created a blog for barelwi youths.

  70. Dr. Tahirul qadiri sahab pe to fatwa laga hai Tajjushsharia hazrat mufti akhtar raza khan qadiri sahab ka aurPIR syed abdul qadir jilani sahab ki bhi kuchh taqreerein aisi hain jinse ulema naaraaz hain aur jo outer link” Yanabi.com Spreading the Message of Traditional Islam by Tahir Riaz”apke blog par hai n.yeh link mein toh in sahabon ki taqreerein hain toh yeh kahan tak jayaz hain.meri is uljhan ko door karein.jazakallah

    • Thnaks and JazakAllah.. for ur Comments Dear brother.
      As Yanabi.com was and still is on the whole spreading Sunni Islam atleast at International level so it is there.I am also not agree with both of them on every Issue.
      But the whole picture of Sunni Islam is there at Yanabi.com
      I think U will not get confuse.We may not totally agree with someone but atleast can use site for our Aqida in general.

  71. Assalamu Alaikum Brothers,

    Just have a quick glance through cifia – You will be amazed with the beauty and simplicity of how the most distinguished Sheikh of Ah le Sunnah explains every small issue we have against Wahhabi. His Articles changed my life! They not only got me to the right path of Islam- but also helped me defend myself against the Wahabbis. May Allah(SWT) have Mercy on all of us …in the Name of our Beloved Prophet (SWAS). Ameen.


  73. All praise is to Allah, the Lord Of The Creation. The Most Gracious, the Most Merciful. Owner of the Day of Recompense. Who blessed us being the Ummah of His Beloved Rasool Sallallaho Alaihi wa Sallam. Who sanctified our hearts with the Love and Affection towards His Beloved Rasool Sallallaho Alaihi wa Sallam. Who blessed us the with the most precious treasure of Iman (Faith)… Countless Salutations, Peace and Blessings be upon the Cream of the Creation… Mercy for all Worlds… Seal of the Prophets Sayyiduna wa Maulana MuHammadur RasoolALLAH Sallallaho Alaihi wa Sallam, His Blessed Parents, His entire Family, His Progeny, His Companions and all those who Follow Him!!

    Iman is to accept every word of Sayyiduna RasoolAllah SallAllahu Alaihi wa Sallam as absolute and nothing else but truth and to testify whole-heartedly the reality and truth of Sayyiduna Rasoolullah SallAllahu Alaihi wa Sallam.

    One who observes the above would be called a Muslim, that is, if any of his words, actions or conditions does not reject, insult or falsify Almighty Allah and His Rasool SallAllahu Alaihi wa Sallam. His relationship with Almighty Allah and His Rasool SallAllahu Alaihi wa Sallam must be above all other relationships. He must love and respect all those who are the beloved of Almighty Allah and His Rasool SallAllahu Alaihi wa Sallam even though that person may be his enemy. He must disrespect and hate all those who disrespect and hate Almighty Allah and His Rasool SallAllahu Alaihi wa Sallam even if that person may be his beloved son. Whatever he gives should be for Almighty Allah and whatever he abstains from must be for Almighty Allah. Such a persons Iman is known as “Kaamil” or “Complete”.
    Sayyiduna RasoolAllah SallAllahu Alaihi wa Sallam states:

    من أحب لله وأبغض لله وأعطى لله ومنع لله فقد استكمل الإيمان
    “One who loves for Allah, hates anyone because of Allah, spends for Allah and holds back for Allah, then, indeed, he has completed his Iman.” [Sunan Abi Dawood, Vol 2, Page 632, Hadith 4681]

    Penalty for Insulting the Beloved Prophet SallAllaho Alaihi wa Sallam

    This is an enormous subject, but we shall concentrate in what constitutes an insult then the impending penalty.

    1. The verdict of infidelity for insulting the Holy Prophet SallAllahu Alaihi wa Sallam will depend upon the apparent words and no consideration will be given to the intention and the purpose of the person committing the insult and the circumstances of the time. [Imām Shahāb ud-Dīn Khafājī Hanafī, Nasīm ar-Riyadh, Vol. 4, Page 426]

    2. When a person (a Muslim) speaks ill of the Holy Prophet SallAllahu Alaihi wa Sallam is any connection, he becomes an infidel. According to some ‘Ulamā, if a man uses an insulting word even for the sacred hair of the Holy Prophet Muhammad SallAllahu Alaihi wa Sallam he will become an infidel. [Fatāwah Qadī Khan, Vol. 4, Page 882]

    3. If a Muslims abuses the Holy Prophet Muhammad SallAllahu Alaihi wa Sallam or lies about him or picks out faults in him, or robs him of his dignity, he commits the act of infidelity against Allāh Almighty. [Imām Abū Yūsuf, Kitāb al-Khiraj, Page 182]

    4. Truly whoever abused the Holy Prophet SallAllahu Alaihi wa Sallam or ascribed any fault to him or attributed any defect to his family, religion or his habit, or reproached him, or compared the Holy Prophet Muhammad SallAllahu Alaihi wa Sallam with any defective thing with the objective of degrading his personality and prestige, he is truly an abusive person and deserves to be executed. We make absolutely no exception to this verdict, whether the insult has been committed intentionally or unintentionally. This has been the verdict of all the ‘Ulamā of the Ummah from the time of the Companions to the present day. [Qadī Iyadh, Ash-Shifa, Vol. 2, Page 214]

    5. It is narrated by Imām Abū Hafs al-Kabīr Radi Allahu Ta’ala Anhu that if anybody ascribes a defect even to the sacred hair of the Holy Prophet Muhammad SallAllahu Alaihi wa Sallam he will become an infidel. Imām Muhammad Radi Allahu Ta’ala Anhu mentioned in his ‘Mabsūt’ that it is an act of infidelity to abuse the Holy Prophet SallAllahu Alaihi wa Sallam.

    6. It is beyond doubt that the whole of the Ummah is unanimous that the one who slanders the Holy Prophet Muhammad SallAllahu Alaihi wa Sallam or any of the other Prophets, is an infidel, whether he committed this act while considering it legitimate or illegitimate. He is an infidel in the opinion of the Ulema, and whoever doubts his infidelity is also an infidel. [Dhakhairat al-Uqba, Page 240]

    7. It is stated in Fatawa Alamgir (also known as Fatawa al-Hindiya) that No ta’wīl will be heard for manifest, unambiguous words. Fatāwah Khulasa, Fusul ‘Imadiya, Jami’ al-Fusulin and Fatāwah Hindiya and others state: If someone calls himself RasûlAllâh or refers to himself as Paighambar in Persian and then says that he meant that he is an ambassador who delivers someone’s message; then he will become a Kâfir. [Fatāwah Hindiya, Vol. 2, Page 263]

    8. Imām Qadī ‘Iyadh writes that Imām Ahmad bin Abī Sulaiman, student of Imām Sahnun rahimahumAllah, was asked about a man to whom it was said that “In the name of RasûlAllâh”, he said “May Allah do so-and so with RasûlAllâh” and uttered insolent words. It was said to him, “Oh enemy of God! What do you utter about the Messenger?” He replied using even harsher words and then said, “By saying RasûlAllâh, I meant a scorpion”. Imām Ahmad bin Abī Sulaiman advised the questioner thus, “Bear witness against him so that he may get the punishment of death and that you get the reward. I am with you on this” [meaning, give evidence against him to the Muslim judge and I will also try that we get the judge to issue a verdict of capital punishment and gain the reward of this]. Imām Habīb bin Rabī’ says that this is because no ta’wīl is heard for explicit words. [al-Shifa’ fī Ta’rif Huqūq al-Mustafa, Vol. 2, Page 209]

    9. Mawlana ‘Alī Qarī writes that is, when that man said that he was referring to a scorpion – he claimed the literal meaning of the word Risalah in that even the scorpion is sent by Allāh to the people – this ta’wīl is rejected according the rules of the Sharī’ā. [Sharh Shifa’ Mullah ‘Alī Qarī ma’a Nasīm al-Riyadh, Vol. 4, Page 343]

    10. ‘Allamah Shihāb Khafājī writes that Indeed the literal meaning of the word that he referred to is true and denying this is stubbornness. However, his claim that he had intended these meanings will not be accepted because this ta’wīl is extremely farfetched. To twist the meaning of word from its apparent meaning will not be heard just as when a man says to his wife that you are taaliq and then gives the explanation that what I meant was that she is open, not tied up [literally, taaliq means extended]. Such a ta’wīl will not be accepted and he will be thought to be delirious. [Nasīm al-Riyadh Sharh Shifa’, Vol. 4, Page 343]

    We can go on quoting the righteous Ulama on this topic and the verdict is the same, a single bad word towards the Holy Prophet SallAllahu Alaihi wa Sallam under any circumstance, intentional or not, leads to Kufr! Furthermore, any Muslim doubting the Kufr of an abuser of the Holy Prophet SallAllahu Alaihi wa Sallam will himself become a Kafir!!

    Dear Muslims!! Is it possible that the heart that contains the love and honour of the master of the universe, Sayyiduna Muhammad SallAllahu Alaihi wa Sallam, could ever tolerate insults to him, though it may be his Ustadh, Murshid, leader or even father? Would the heart that extremely loves the Holy Prophet SallAllahu Alaihi wa Sallam above all creation, ever respect or love one who belittles the unique and faultless Prophet of Allah SallAllahu Alaihi wa Sallam, even though it may be his own child or intimate friend?

    All good is from Allah Ta’ala whereas mistakes are from this humble speck. May Allah Ta’ala bring us closer to Him and His Rasool SallAllahu Alaihi wa Sallam. May He accept our humble efforts and grant us the capacity to be good and do good. May we live in this World with extreme protection of Iman and leave this world having our Iman safe and sound!!

    Faysal Noori – UK

  74. Assalam Valaikum i need help with your side i am a widow i have athree kids one is female and two are male kids, i am trying to give a good future for them by education b’coz i am the elder daughter in my mother house and i dosnt have brothers we are 5 sisters my husband is one son and 4 sisters to my mother in law house in both the side no one is their to help except allah hu tallah i am working and taking care of my childrens i would like to give a islamic education to my son he is 10 years old my residence is near to hegdenagar i wnt to know the best and safe place to get a best education to my son in the way of Holy Prophet MuhammadSallAllahu Alaihi wa Sallam do you help some thing in this to me!

  75. I work for a survey company..and i am salaried..My CEO ask me for a quote to conduct any Fieldwork..My question is suppose i quote him Rs.100 and with my efforts i cut it down to 90..Is it halal to take that 10 ???? And i always quote him cheaply keeping in mind this 10 also..I am desperate for a reply!!!!!!!!!!!!

  76. its a nice blog you have and its is the coolest thing that you are doing to promote the view of our and promote Islam plz kleep on doing the good work that you are doing

  77. I read this in a forum somewhere
    ‘the prophet Muhammad pbuh said .. “the best solution for those in love is marriage”
    could someone please clarify if this is a real hadith or not?
    if so with a referrance to the book volume and number…

    • Salam alaikum,

      I was wondering if you ever got a reply to your question and whether or not you found other evidence that proved the Prophet (saws) said something like this?

  78. salam masnoon
    Hi i m ajaz from mirganj aap sabhi ke duawo ka talib mere bhiao aur bahno se areeza hai ki khas kar shab_e_barat ki raat ko apne chote bhai ko na bhule
    Duao ka talib ajaz

  79. Salam. You should change the name it is not ahlesunnah wal jamaah. It is ahle sunnah wa jamaat. In pakistan ahle sunnah wal jamaah is called wahabi / deobandi sect . Also in arabic grammar it is not wal it is wa


  81. assalamu alaikum,,,,,

    I have a opinion,,,we are in a trouble of some muslim like mujahi,thableeg,shia,,,,etc,,
    So please add some about their activities against sunnis,and our answers to them,,,,in the opinion of sunni scholars,,,,,

    I dont know that u undrstd what i said here,,,,cz am not good in english,,am from kerala,,,,,

    Assalamu alaikum wa rahmathullah,

  82. jazakAllah. keep up the research and news. i am using parts of it in our south africa based http://www.qadirifoundation.co.za. in 2003 unesco reported 300 000 books published globally – only 300 from middle east. o blind followers of wahabis, najdis, salafis etc. read history, understand the reality and do not add voice, effort, strength to the shaitaani balance – you cant fathom this planned failed conspiracy started with the attempted assassination of Hazrat Isa alahis salaam and continuing in this age.

  83. forget to mention. see our homepage qadirifoundation.co.za. wahabi imam sheikh muqaily, visiting south africa, boycotted/criticised/dont read namaaz call by deobandi group. letter delivered by deobandis to him to deliver to corrupt saudi rulers. imam forced to cancel 3 programs. leaves south africa. your site n others are stepping up the momentum. shaikh abdul qadir jilani, shaikh ahmed raza barelvi – radi Allahu anhum – sent to protect this deen – ahlus sunnat wa jamaat. we follow their example. alhamdulillah.

  84. I am awarsiya.,but the website doesn’t know any important things of sarkar Waris Pak
    1 eg do you know gangwara kutti which is very much linked to sarkar aur sarkar ne Rahim shah baba ko wahan bethai.
    Both the mazar can be seen from the other
    There is also a story to that
    If u r interested go to kutti ,which is 1mile from deva, meet my uncle and he us all answers

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