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Muslim Youth Leader Ship : the need of the hour

24 Jan

By Admin

In this age of Increasing Immorality, Cultural decadence, lack of spirituality and infiltration into Islam by corrupt sects each one claiming to be a beacon of salvation, the MSO is calling upon Muslim Youths to rise to the true glory and splendor of Islam  by following the pure and pristine teachings of the Ahle Sunnah Wal Jama’at, the majority group that will achieve Salvation.

The paid mercenary Innovators, Propagators of corrupt sects have created various misconceptions about the beliefs and practices of Ahl Sunnat Wal Jamaa’t.These Peoples are vehemently Propagating against Conformists, Particularly against the Followers of Imam Abu hanifa. They are strictly against Duroodo salam and paying tributes of love to Prophet of Islam (Sallalahoalaihi Wassalam). They oppose  to celebrate the birthday of Holy prophet(Sallalahoalaihi Wassalam) or  birth of any pious one but it is strange that they celebrate their own special days in their own crooked and funny manner. They don’t have faith in the power of intercession of the near and dear ones Of Allah. They deny the authority of Prophet(Sallalahoalaihi Wassalam) on doing any good to anyone . Those who don’ accept these self styled connotation’s and innovations they are nick named as Mushrik and Biddati’s. As we all are aware of fundamental beliefs of Ahle Sunnat Wal Jamaa’t, we need to not  be influence by the false propaganda of these pseudo Islamist and pseudo Intellectuals.

                                                      We must know that a thumping Majority of Muslim Ummah has accepted Ahle Sunnat wal jama’t with sufism as Authentic Way of Islam. It is our responsibility to save our society from such wickedness and adopt the correct perspective of Islam based on the teachings of the Ahle Sunnat. We are fortunate enough to have very revered Sufi Islamic Scholar Hazrat Ameen Mian Qaudri Sb  and Shaikh Aboobacker Ahmed sb among us as our guiding source (May Allah Increase their age) .

Now What we Have to do is -to Remain Steadfast and Firm on our basic beliefs. -to Remain a Practicing Muslim by Setting examples for our younger generation. -to Excel in our Studies. -to Work for the Propagation of True Islam i.e Ahle Sunnat wal jamaa’t. – to fulfill Our duties towards Our Parents and Society. – to get active at political and social level regarding the Current and Important Issues which are directly affecting our Community and Society at large. -to guide the younger generation in the right direction. -to make aware the masses about the false Propaganda of Pseudo Islamists -to Help and Support our community members at crucial times. InshaAllah ,the day is not very far When We will Lead our Masses  by ourselves , InshAllah Ameen.


Saudi Government must reconstruct Jannatul Baqi cemetery in Madina :MSO of India

16 Aug

Saudi Government must reconstruct Jannatul Baqi :MSO

New Delhi: 16th Aug 2013.The 8th Shawwal is demolition day of Jannatul Baqi cemetery in Madina Shareef  Saudi Arabia which has caused continuous grief and pain the hearts of millions of Muslims all over the world irrespective of sects.The Saudi act of demolition of pious cemetery in which Holy companions and family members of Holy Prophet are buried is an act of high level of condemnation. Successive governments after Khilafate Rashida preserved them and protected them through out history.

Jannatul baqi Jannatul Baqi

(1) All Islamic Heritage buildings destroyed by Saudi Royal Family should be restored to their pre 1900 position. Particularly, we want memorials of Jannatul Baqi in Madinah, and Jannatul Mu’alla in Makka without wasting any more time.

(2) Saudi authorities should publicly apologize to the Muslim world for the destruction of the Islamic Heritage and insults meted out to Prophet Mohammad (صلى الله عليه و آله وسلم), his family members and Sahabah, during their dynastic rule. The wrongs committed in the past should be apologized publicly and a new beginning made by restoring the Baqi and Mu’alla sanctuaries and other heritage buildings. They should initiate a master plan to restore all Islamic Heritage buildings that have been destroyed in Arabia.

(3) Killing of Muslims in several Muslim countries  specially in Egypt by Egyptian government should  be stopped immediately and Muslims’ life and property be protected in the whole world.

(4) Shia -Sunni sectarianism must not be encouraged and Saudi govt. through its Imams must  build an atmosphere of harmony and brotherhood in Muslim World. It must leave Anti-Iranian  and Pro U.S Policies.

(5)Saudi Mutawwa Police must not interfere in the prayers of Sunni-Shia piligrims at Holy Places in the name of Shirk and Biddah.They must understand traditional majority Muslims don’t follow their ideology of Salafism.

Shujaat Ali Quadri ,National Secretary , MSO of India

Indian Muslims demanded protection of lives of Muslims from the government

10 Oct

New Delhi: A high-level delegation of eminent Muslim organizations met Union Home Minister P Chidambaram at his North Block office here on Saturday (8th October). The leaders demanded immediate halt to the communal violence in Rudrapur town of Uttarakhand and establishment of peace. They also demanded compensation for the victim families and legal action against the culprits.

The delegation comprising Syed Babar Ashraf (Secretary, All India Ulema Mashaikh Board), Yaseen Akhtar Misbahi (Raza Academy, New Delhi), Maulana Ghulam Abdul Qaudir Habibi (MOI) ,Maulana Ali darimi of Sunni Jamiatul Ulema Kerala and Adv. Shahnawaz Warsi (General Secretary, Muslim Students Organization of India –MSO) submitted a memorandum to the home minister demanding safety and security of lives and dignity of Muslims in Rudrapur, a compensation of Rs 20 lakh each to the family of deceased, Rs 5 lakh each to the injured and proper compensation after enquiry to those whose shops and homes were looted and destroyed. They also demanded legal action on those who incited the violence.

“In this riot one of the most important points is that this is first such kind of communal riot in this whole region before or after the Independence. In which many innocent people lost their lives and hundreds of them got injuries as well as several dozen of shops and houses have been looted in the broad day light. The riot was preplanned by some communal elements, they instigated by tearing down the Holy Book of Muslims, Quran and keeping it wrapped in blood at a Shiv Mandir. When some Muslims complained it to the Police and demanded stern action they were refused and Police did not take any action. Then after passing of two days on 2nd Oct when Muslims again went to complain, then their Holy Book was again desecrated by Communal elements. Thereafter started Lathi charge, direct Police firing without use of water canon or tear gas and looting and burning of shops, all belonging to Muslim community,” says the memorandum.

“Local newspapers have reported and shown faces of rioters along with Policemen. It shows that they were shooting, looting and putting on fire the Muslims and their property. Curfew was imposed in only Muslim areas allowing miscreants to do whatever they can do at their will,” it added.


1. Ensure the safety and security of its citizens specially civilians of Rudrapur and protect the life property and dignity.

2. Initiate a high level inquiry into the whole incident to inquire the role of local Police, local communal organizations and of politicians.

3. Provide at least Rs 20 lac in compensation or govt. job to a next family member of the victims killed in the riot and Rs 5 lac to each of those who have suffered injuries and proper compensation to those whose shops and home have been set on fire or have been looted.

4. Government must ensure at least 20% representation of Muslim Community in the Police and paramilitary forces deployed during Communal riots.

5. Harsh punishment should be given through fast track courts to all those involved in starting and planning riot and are involved in killing, rioting and looting the life and property of victims.

6. Confidence building measures from the Centre Government, to send a high level delegation of Ministers to meet and realize the seriousness of the riot.

7. Immediate release of innocent students picked up by Police from the Madarsa Ghosia Rudrapur and withdrawing of charges against innocent Muslims.

8. Inquiry into all the recent blind Police firing on Muslims whether it may be Forbesganj (Bihar), Gopalgadh (Rajasthan) or Rudrapur (Uttarakhand).


केंद्रीय गृह मंत्री से की उच्च स्तरीय जांच की मांग जाका,

मुस्लिम संगठनों के प्रतिनिधियों ने केंद्रीय गृहमंत्री पी चिदंबरम से मुलाकात कर रुद्रपुर दंगे की उच्च स्तरीय जांच की मांग की। उन्होंने मृतकों के परिजनों को बीस-बीस लाख मुआवजे क…ी मांग के साथ ही जान माल की सुरक्षा की गुहार की। संसद भवन में श्री चिदंबरम से मुलाकात कर प्रतिनिधियों ने आठ सूत्रीय ज्ञापन सौंप रुद्रपुर के दंगे को सुनियोजित साजिश करार दिया। उन्होंने कहा इसकी उच्च स्तरीय जांच कर फास्ट ट्रैक कोर्ट में सुनवाई की जानी चाहिये। प्रतिनिधि मंडल ने मंत्रियों के समूह का गठन कर पीडि़तों से मुलाकात कर दंगे की गंभीरता को जानने के लिए भेजने की भी मांग की। इस मौके पर रजा एकेडमी दिल्ली के अध्यक्ष मौलाना यासीन अख्तर मिसबाही, आल इंडिया उलेमा मशाईख बोर्ड के सचिव सैय्यद बाबर अशरफ, मुस्लिम स्टूडेंट आर्गनाइजेशन ऑफ इंडिया के महासचिव आदि मौजूद थे।

Indian Muslim Condemns Mumbai terror Attack

14 Jul

New Delhi/Mumbai.14th July
Muslim Students Organization of India Strongly condems the dastardly terrorist attack on innocent Indians in the Mumbai ,last evening.MSO National President Syed Muhammad Qaudri has termed this incident as failure of Intelligence agencies.
The attack is not only an act of cowardice but is a well organized conspiracy to divide the communities on communal lines.There seems to be a Political agenda behind these attacks. The Home Ministry and the Media should act with caution by not blaming a particular community before anything proven in the court of Law.
MSO expresess solidarity with the victims and appeals to the Muslim youths to help victims in whatever manner they can.
We are of the view that innocent person should not be arrested in the aftermath of these Bomb Blasts.

Urs of Hafiz-e-Millat observed at Sunni Markaz ,Kerala by MSO of India Markaz Unit

6 May

MSO Markaz Unit Observed urs Sharif of Hazrat Hafiz-e-Millat (R.A),the founder of largest Sunni Islamic University of Urdu speaking Muslims in South Asia i.e Al Jamiatul Ashrafia.

Hafize Millat, Hazrat Maulana Abdul Aziz Mudaithe Mubarakpuri (Alaihi Rahmah) who is a renowned and distinguished personality in the world of Madaris, the teacher, mentor and murshid to thousands of Ulama, Huffas, Qurra, and Muftiane Kiraam; who was a God-fearing Buzorg (saint), wali-e-kamil, embodiment of knowledge and excellence, zuhd and taqwa, patience, and honesty; who was attached to the madarsa and darul uloom for most of his life; he spent nearly forty years in Jamia Ashrafia alone, says after a life of priceless experience,

“It is sawaab (a reward) to build a masjid, to build a place for travelers is sawaab, to build a place for the yateem is sawaab, but the madarsa (darul uloom) holds the most significance, because if Ulama are not created then who will give guidance to these places and who will protect them. I have choosen (to be a part of) the madarsa with great deal of thought.”

(Malfoozate Hafize Millat, page 57)

Sunnis demands Protection of Sufi Shrines in Pakistan

5 Apr

Press Release
6th April 2011: New Delhi
Various Muslim Organization Including Raza Academy,Jamiat-e-Ahle Sunnat Jammu and Kashmir,Idara Tehqiqat-e-Imam Ahmed Raza Kasmir,All India Ulema Mashaikh Baord ,All India Sunni Jamiatul Ulema,and MSO of India have condemns the ghastly attack on the Dargah of Hazrat Sakhi Sarwar Dera Ghazi Khan.Leadrs have expressed grave concerns over the contionus attacks on Innocent Muslims at Sufi Shrines in different parts of the world.
Muslim Students Organization of India MSO Condemns in highest terms the inhuman and cowardly attack on the Dargah of Hazrat Sakhi Sarwar R.A at Dera Ghazi Khan ,Pakistan by the hands of Tehreek-e-Taliban ,which once again proves that Pakistani Government has no control whatsoever on the terrorists targeting Innocents and Peace loving citizens of its country.The Pak govt must ensure the safety and security of Sufi Institutions and Personalities associated with Sufi Movements and it must take hard steps to punish the Talibani culprits.MSO also make demands from Indian Prime minister Mr. Manmohan Singh to talk to his counter parts to raise this Issue so that Safety and dignity of Sufi Shrines and Personalities may be Protected.

MSO National President Syed Muhmaad Qaudri while expressing grief and sorrow over the Shahadat of at least 50 Innocents Zayreen and injury to more than 100 at Dargah attack , said that the brand of religion Taliban follows has been created by Jews and Britishers to create divide in the muslim community in the name of Islam .He said that a fight has been started everywhere between local Muslim community and between the propagators of Talibani brand religion .Wherever this religion of Taliban has been spread in the name of Islam ,Muslim Community is standing against them, it may be Pakistan, Afghanistan,Somalia,Egypt,Palestine or Caucacus region etc.The whole game of violence is just to Capture and rule territories by misusing the name of Islam.

Shujaat Ali Qaudri National Secretary of MSO said that by killing and targeting the Muslims they are going to achieve nothing rather the faith and belief of Muslims in the Sufism will be more stronger after each and every such attack.We calls upon all the Indian Muslims to spread awareness about this dangerous terrorist movement in the country.These Talibanis are nothing but bunch of thugs and Dacaits dividing and killing Muslims.

MSO presented Memorandum to demand promotion of Sufi based teachings in education of the Country

6 Mar

6th March 2011: New Delhi

On 6th March Evening MSO Presented Memorandum to Shri Kapil Sibal Ji specially to demand irregularities in Minority Scholarship and for the Promotion of Sufism based teachings in the syllabus.


Shri Kapil Sibal Ji

Minister for Human Resource and  Development

Govt of India,New Delhi

Muslim Students Organization of India (MSO), a representative body of Muslim Students demands from the govt. that

1. Government should promote the Peaceful Ideology of Islam  i.e  Sufism for the establishment of Communal Harmony and Brotherhood in the country.

2.   A Central Minority University in the name of  Hazrat Khawaja Gharib Nawaz  University should be established as early as possible in and around AjmerSharif.

3.Hazrat Khawaja Gharib Nawaz Chair,Hazrat Nizamuddin Aulia Chair  for the research and promotion of their  sufi teachings should be established in Aligarh Muslim University and in Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delh ,respectively.

4. For Promotion of  morality, values and  brotherhood, among the students  the CBSE and ICSE  syllabus books should contains the chapters on the Sufism and Sufi preachers.

5. The benefit of P.M’s 15 pint Programme is not reaching to community properly . The govt. must check  and monitor the corruption in these schemes, specially the Minority Scholarship schemes must be distributed directly in the account of students.

6. There are several complaints regarding harassment of Naqab (veil) wearing girls students  and male students having beard  only on religious grounds by the criminal groups and in some cases even by the college administration. Kindly take action to stop this discrimination  in educational Institutes.

7. Reservation for the Muslim community in educational Institutions  must be given in accordance with the  Ranganath Commission Report.

8. UP Madrasa Board has not granted regular 700/-month Scholarship to its Students of Munshi, Maulvi  and  the Moallim Urdu Degree Holders of Uttar Pradesh must be  given Job despite as Urdu teachers.

9. Delhi Urdu Academy has not invited application for this current year from the Urdu teachers.

10. The ministry should establish Imam training Centers to teach them all basic subjects with computers.MSO with its other parent Organization like Raza Academy, All India Ulema Mashaikh Board is ready to cooperate with the ministry in this project.

11. Jamia  Ashrafia Mubarakpur Azamgarh ,the highest seat of Islamic learning of Indian Sufi Muslims has been removed from the list of recognized Madarsas by the Jawaharlal Nehru University administration without any Justification. This  recognition should be granted and the govt. should  establish a Central Board  or Central committee to affiliate Madarsas which wish to be recognized by the Government Universities.






MSO organized MiladunNabi salallahoalaihiwassalam in many parts of Country

16 Feb

16 -Feb 2010 Jaipur

MSO national President Syed Muhammad Qaudri said that Milad is the Symbol of Global Islamic Unity and Muslims must show their Unity by Participating in this Event by following all the Islamic limitations prescribed by Shariat.He said that Children used to sing Naat and show Happiness before the Prophet Muhammad salallahoalaihiwassalam and he allowed it.He told his companions by Observing fast on this day that ”On this day he was born”. Milad MiladunNabi salallahoalaihiwassalam is Celebrated in all parts of the world with same enthusiasm like it is observed in India .It is Public holiday in 54 Countries of the world.On this Issue whole Ummah has Ijma (Consensus of Opinion) .Allah has favoured us by sending HIS beloved messenger between us .He has also commanded us to be thankful on His favor so Muslim must be thankful towards Allah.

MSO organized MiladunNabi salallahoalaihiwassalam in many parts of the country took parts in Julus e Muhammadi like in New Delhi Okhla,shastri Park,Sangam vihar,Jamia Millia Islamia and Hamdard University and in many districts of Rajasthan specially in Ajmer, Udaipur ,Kota ,Jaipur.

In U.P Bareilly,Sambhal,Saraitareen,Pilibheet,Rampur,Neoria,Aligarh Muslim University,City Aligarh, Bahraich,Allahabad,Ghaziabaad,Kanpur,Kesar Ganj (UP)In kerala Calicut city, in Bengal city of Calcutta ,Murshidabad,west Dinajpur, Indore of M.P and in Banglore City.

MSO also distributed fruits in the various Hospitals.

MSO of India organised Haj felicitation programme in Jaipur

11 Nov

Jaipur:10 Nov 2010
Muslim Students Organization of India M.S.O Rajasthan State organized a Programme for the felicitation of the Haj Volunteers and Organisers in Jaipur on 10.11.2010 at Kagzi Exports Sitapura Jaipur.

Mr. Brij Kishor Sharma Minister of Transport , was the chief guest and Haji Rafat Sahab of Majlis-e-Shura Presided over the felicitation Programme. Mr.Rafeeq Kagzi,Mr.Shabbir Khan of Persian Carpets and Dr. BS Yadav who coached the Gold medalist of Rajasthan in Common wealth games, were the Guest of Honors .

The felicitation was organised in the Honor of those Volunteers who participated in 22 days long Haj Camp at Haj House Jaipur.They had distributed set of three books ,Pamphlets and CD’s to Hundreds of Hajis .The books were on the topics like ”How to Perform Haj?”, ”Why we should Perform Haj?” and ”Etiquettes of Medina Sharif” .

Speaking at the function Syed Muhammad Qaudri ,National President of MSO of India ,said that those who have given services at the Camp were lucky persons and were specially chosen by Allah to help in the Journey of His Pious House.He told that MSO aims to bring close the various section of the communities by these types of services.He said we are highly thankful for the hard work done by the Volunteers like Engg Mr.Abhinav singh and Engg Mr. Awdhesh Shukla ,the energy and the love which they shown during the camp for the Hajis is an example for others to follow.
On this occasion Mr.Engg Abhinav Singh was given the Membership to national Committee as Special Invitee.

Genneral Secretary of MSO Advocate Shahnawaz Warsi elaborated the aims and objective of MSO and said that we are working to spread the same message of peace and communal harmony which was made popular by Hazrat Khawaja Gharib Nawaz R.A.
Todays Youth want peace and a atmosphere where he can grow and make his country a developed nation ,it can only happen when we will work in a atmosphere where communities respects each other .Various movement running in the name of religion should focus on mutual harmony and trust because nation will fail if peace and trust does not exist.

Adressing the students ,Associate General Secretary Shujaat Ali Qaudri said that MSO will soon organize medical help camps in the Rajasthan state & we are also planning to start a educational awareness campaign.

The Brij Kishor Sharma Minister of Transport expressed his gratitude by telling that he feels proud to be part of this programme as it is a Honor for those volunteers who served and worked for Hajis and their relatives.
He along with Janab Haji Rafat Sahab and Mr. Shabbir Khan Sahab gave the honor to atleast 40 volunteers of Haj Camp who worked from 10 a.m to 12 p.m for 22 days at Jaipur Haj House.
Mr. Shabbir Khan and Haji Rafat sb also adressed the students who had gathered at Kagzi exports sitapura from various colleges of Jaipur.
Mr. Rafeeq Kagzi ,Director of Kagzi Exports gave vote thanks to audience.

Azmat-e-Rasool S.A.W Conference in AMU Aligarh by MSO of India AMU Unit

18 Mar

Aligarh 15th March

MSO AMU Aligarh Unit Celebrated its fifth grand Azmat-e-Rasool Sallaholaihiwassalam Conf . 2010 in the Kenndey Auditorium of Aligarh Muslim University ,which was presided by Prof Syed Muhammad Amin Mian Qaudri sb ,Patron of MSO.VC of AMU was the chief guest of the Conf while the Speakers Included Prof Syed Munami Mian of Patna Oriental Colllege and Syed Muhammad Qaudri ,newly selected national President of MSO of India.

The Conf  started with the reciataion of Holy Quran  followed by Naat Paak in the honour of beloved Prophet Muhammad  Sallaholaihiwassalam.MSO AMU unit President M. Saqib Raza gave the welcome speech while national General Secretary of organization Advocate Shahnawaz Warsi throw the light on the significance of organizing such Programmes.

VC AMU Prof Abdul Aziz while addressing Students said that hard work discipline and honesty will lead you towards success.He expressed his Pleasure over the role of MSO in maintaining  atmosphere of  love and repect towards Islamic Shariah. He told that this is his third presence in MSO Conf and he found MSO members and its activities models for the students.

MSO Chief Patron and Sajjada Nashin of Khanqah-e-Barkaatiya who has also been adjudged 44th most Influential muslim in the world by Georgetown University gave honour to newly Selected MSO National President Syed Muhammad Qaudri by tieng turban on his head before Students. House full  Kennedy Hall witnessed the never seen enthusiasm and Passion by students who were raising slogans of Naara-e-Takbeer ‘Allah-o- Akbar’ and Nara-e-Risalat ‘Yarasulallah’.

Syed Amin Main Qaudri sb  added more color to this Passion by his Speech loved by all .He advised students to work hard as there is no alternative to this and Muslims have only this option to be Successful in this Competitive World. VC of AMU also handed him the beautiful and grand Memento for his achievements.

MSO National President Syed Muhammad Qaudri put the evidences  of Mawlid celebrations from the Quran and Ahadiths. He said that Mawlid is not new thing rather it is one of the duty of Muslims to show their gratitude towards the Nemat of Allah Rabbulizzat which He granted us by sending His most beloved Aqa-e-Nemat Hazrat Muhammad sallalahoalihiwassalam on this Day.He invited Students towards the Caravan of MSO of India which is Spreading far and wide on the basis of Ishaq-e-Rasool and Azmat-e-Rasool sallalahoalihiwassalam.

At 12 a.m it was the turn of main Speaker prof Syed Munami Sb of Patna who by his speech did magic on students upto 1.30 a.m. He while explaining the Azmat-e-Rislat put such beautifull  exmples that students got emotional manytimes. The gist of his very beautiful speech was that we don’t need evidences and Proof for thanksgiving .we don’t need Saudi Arabia as role model in following Islam.If we wish to take Arabia as an example in this regard we should take the lucky Day of 12 Rabiulawwal when our Nabi Kareem sallalahoalihiwassalam came to Medina from Makkah Sharif ,the extraordinary Passion ,Joy and Happiness the reciataion of Naat by Children people running to see there are some of the many things  shown by then Medina residents in the Honour of their Aqa sallalahoalihiwassalam and it is the  best example in Islamic history to Celebrate for their Prophet sallalahoalihiwassalam.

Dr.Shakeel Samdani Coordinator of General Education Centre GEC gave the Vote of Thanks.Janab Ahmad Mujtaba Siddiqui very nicely Conducted the Entire Conference which was started at 8.30.

The Conference ended with very beautifully recited Salat-o- Salam ‘Mustafa Jane Rehmat pe Lakhon salaam ’ by Shamim Kanpuri joined by House full Kennedy Auditorium both ladies and Gents. MSO distributed  Sweets and a Book to the Students on Ilm-e-Ghaib ‘Power of Unseen’ written by Prof Muhammad Masood Ahmad of Pakistan.

General Secretary Muhammad Ashfaque of AMU Unit along with his Unit members worked hard whole month to make this Conf a grand Success.

MSO National Delegates Meet 2010

Earlier MSO National Committee organized All India Delegates Meet in which students of Delhi, Rajasthan, U.P ,Madhya Pardesh and Bihar Participated. The founder Mebers of MSO Syed Jamal ,Mukhtar Ahmad ,Dr. Abdurraheem, Dr.Inayatullah ,Dr .Jameel, Dr.Muhammad Kafi and Ahmad Mujtaba Siddiqui Selected MSO National President with kind Permission of Patron Hazrat Syed Ameen Mian Sb.Mualana Naseem Sb ,Mudassir Naqshbandi were selected as President of UP and Delhi respectively Najmul Hasan Khan Barkaati and Musharraf  gen Secretaries of these States.Rajsthan and MP Committes were also Selected with some distt Coordinators in the meeting.

MSO Aligarh Unit with cordination of Asst General Secretary Shujat Ali Qaudri organised this Meet Alhamdulillah.

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