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Saudi Arabia and its Unholy nexus with Zionist Israel and U.S

14 Aug

By Syed Zubair Ahmad,

One of the most memorable events in the friendship was the exchange of gifts between US President Franklin Roosevelt and Saudi King Abdul Aziz. The president gave the king a Dakota aero plane and the latter handed the US a maintenance contract for T.W.A. This was the beginning of Saudia. (Arab News, 20 September 2002).

obama-saudi-arabia5Is it just a coincidence or a part of great conspiracy! One thing could be said for sure that the most important Muslim country in the world has collaborated and are aligned with Antichrist imperialist forces headed by the US. It is a direct or indirect surrender to one of the worst enemies of Islam, Muslims and mankind in general. The world knows that the terrorist state of America is ravaging Afghanistan, Iraq and by proxy Palestine. It is invading Muslim lands, enslaving civilians, maiming innocent people, killing youngsters, starving infants, destroying civilization, bombing hospitals, schools, and marriage parties on daily basis. Its enmity with Islam is not a secret, but a declared government policy. Ignoring all, the Saudi rulers even today express solidarity to and maintain a ‘historical’ friendship with America. They use phrases like ‘most loyal ally’, ‘strategical partner’, ‘a privileged and most dependable friend’, ‘oldest friend’, ‘a time tested friend’, etc. to describe America. On the other hand general public opinion is outrageous over this meek and submissive gesture of Saudi rulers. Ignoring all these, the Saudi rulers continue to overlook interest of Islam and the Muslims in favor of their own selfish interests.

‘Americanism’ is apparent everywhere in Saudi society. It must be reminded here that the US is a creator, protector and torchbearer of the Zionist state Israel. American civilization is a Jewish (Antichrist) civilization by its nature and origin. Founder of the Saudi kingdom, King Abdul Aziz established friendship with America. His descendants are stuck to that foreign policy till date. As the Prophet’s saying goes ‘ Annaaso Ala Deen e Mulukihim’; (people’s lifestyle, thoughts and etiquettes etc. are that of their rulers), we can notice that the ruling elite and a large chunk of upper class is running after everything that comes from America. Be it politics, trade, education, tourism, medicine, fashion, foods etc., and the Saudi society looks towards America. Even today America provides them with all kinds of luxuries and in lieu of these America gets big business contracts. Here it must also be kept in mind that America not only provides with instruments of debauchery but advertise rather promulgate American culture too.

In fact, Saudi rulers are responsible for present state of affairs. Don’t they know that America and Israel are two sides to the same coin? Isn’t it a fact that the existence of Israel in the heart of Arab peninsula is the greatest tragedy and the biggest defeat of the twentieth century Muslim Ummah? In spite of these facts the Arab rulers and the so called custodian of two holiest mosques preferred to remain a natural ally of the oppressor and imperialist forces. In past, they conspired against the Ottoman Caliphate and collaborated with the Americans and the British to disintegrate the Caliphate and get small territories to establish Sheikhdom in place of Caliphate. They succeeded in their nefarious design. This is not a debatable issue. This is the plain truth beyond any doubt. In fact, the disintegration of the Ottoman Empire paved the way for the establishment of an illegal and illegitimate Israel on the occupied Arab land. At a time when multi-dimensional conspiracies against Ottoman Empire were in full swing to establish an illegal Israel in the heart of Arabian Peninsula their only concerns were throne and Sheikhdom. Israel was not born out of an accident but, it was the result of well-planned and well-calculated move of western powers. Now the US is the biggest protector of Zionist interests and the mentally westernized Arab rulers are safeguarding its interests directly and indirectly.

American policy makers and the Zionist think-tanks knew it well that in the Gulf region American and Zionist interests are not safe until the ruling elite and populace are mentally westernized and physically “paralyzed”. They dexterously played their game and now on international affairs, Arab rulers are mere pawns in the hands of America which sacrifices them at its will to safeguard its larger interests. Walking in the footsteps of their rulers, a large section of Arab population too is westernized inwardly as well as outwardly. Though I am talking explicitly about Saudi society, the situation is more or less the same in the entire Gulf region.

Even today, contracts to discover or newly discovered oil fields are given to American companies on preferential basis. It won’t be an exaggeration if we say that the U.S. takes the petroleum from Arab nations at nominal prices. The crude oil, which sells for 60-70 dollar a barrel in international market, America buys it for two dollars a barrel from Saudi Arabia. Different newspapers reports, based on financial experts’ opinion, indicate that the royal family’s eight trillion dollars are lying in American banks and financial institutions which are promoting interest system of banking all over the world. And it is a known fact that most of American and European Banks are owned by Jews and Zionists. The book ‘Big Oil & Their Bankers In Persian Gulf’ by Dean Henderson is an eye opener on this subject.

It is an open secret that money deposited in World Bank and IMF etc. is utilized by imperialists to enslave suffering people of the Third World countries by giving them aids at high interest rates with certain conditions such as mortgaging their sovereignty in the hands of American capitalist administration to get the so-called financial assistance. Jews and Neo-con capitalists take the maximum benefit of it.

Saudi Arabia is the biggest buyer of the American weapons. These weapons are given on the condition that they will not be used against American ally i.e. Israel. This is also a fact that US tends to sell these weapons but not the technology and so Saudi Arabia has a large numbers of F-15 and F-16 fighter jets but these planes are only operated by American pilots, besides it also extracts large sums of money from Saudi Arabia and other Gulf states in the name of maintaining and updating those outdated weapons on regular basis.

Most suitable destination of investment for Saudi capitalists is America, where in banks and hotels they invest enormous amount of money. America’s largest bank City Financial Corporation’s 40% shares are owned by a Saudi prince who is nephew of King Fahad. Every year affluent Saudis spend 15 billion dollars on tourism and their preferred destination is America, so most of these funds are spent in America. Be that an ordinary technical training or higher education the first choice is again America. If Saudis need minor or major medical treatment on government expenditure, the government would send them to the US while such education, training and treatment facilities of the same quality and standard are available at a much lower cost in other developed or developing countries. Saudi Arabia’s largest company is ‘Aramco’ which is run in the partnership of US. Saudi Arabia’s largest bank is Saudi American bank. Saudi Arabia is the biggest market of American cars and so Saudi streets are full of Cadillac, Caprices, Fords and Lincolns etc. The largest fast food chains of Saudi Arabia are Pizza Hut, Pizza in, Domino Pizza, Burger King, Taco Bell, Chill, KFC, McDonald etc. The most popular selling cosmetic brands are Clinique, MAC, and Estee Lauder CK, DKNY etc. Likewise the most preferred perfumes are Eternity, Obsession, Contradiction, Escape, Truth, etc.

New generation of Saudi Arabia takes pride in wearing DKNY jeans. The Arabs who call non-Arabs ajmi or dumb feel pride in talking with their children in English and that too in concocted American accent. Saudi supermarkets are flooded with edible goods whose being Halal has always been doubtful and debated. Even on bottles of tomato sauce one can find ‘made in USA’ tag. If you take a look at AC boxes you would discover that it is of York, Gibson or Carrier. In markets signboards read like this, shop of American cars, shop of American mattress, shop of American furniture, shop of American vessels, etc. It is considered a symbol of status to pay through American dollar or American Express card. There are three channels of Saudi government among which one is altogether dedicated to broadcast American films and absurd American shows. People all over the world go to America in search of better livelihood, but more than forty thousand Americans are working in Saudi Arabia and getting an average pay of 40-50 thousand riyals per month. Engineers of Indonesia and Malaysia are world famous in their precision and profession but if they come to Saudi Arabia they come as drivers or housemaids as visas for top class engineers are meant for Americans.

When a Bangladeshi, who earns 240 riyals a month, calls his home, the Saudi government charges 4 riyals per unit from that poor but if a 40-50 thousand riyals earner American calls his home he pays less than 1.5 riyals per unit.

After the US attack on Afghanistan a slight decline is felt in import of American products and some Saudi capitalists have transferred their savings from American to European banks but this is too mild a beginning. Some people have started boycotting American products but majority of them are not capable of buying an American car. Yes! They do drink some other soft drink than Pepsi and smoke some other cigarette than Marlboro.

One day I asked a Saudi friend why Saudi people don’t boycott American goods. He said how they could do so. Majority of American companies’ agents are Saudi princes and boycotting them is against the policy of the government. Prince Naif (home minister) also issues royal decree from time to time that boycotting of American products is not in the interest of Saudi economy while royal imams in their Friday sermons would cry ‘it is Sunnah to trade with the Jews and Christians’ loudly.

A proverb is famous in Saudi Arabia: ‘Amriki mian mian’ means anything from America amounts – 100% out of 100%”. During a few years of my stay there I came to understand quite well the lingual, practical and psychological connotations of this proverb.
The Arab rulers have not only accepted political, financial and cultural slavery of west but they are proud of it.

(From ” Zionist Conspiracies in the citadel of Islam)


Indefinite dharna to bring Khalid Mujahid’s killers to justice completes 81 days

10 Aug

क्या सपा सरकार आतंकी मुकदमों की पुर्नविवेचना कराने का साहस रखती है,
यदि नहीं तो मुकदमों को वापिस लेने का ढकोसला बंद करे- रिहाई मंच
जनहित याचिका से जुडे़ प्रश्नों पर रिहाई मंच ने जारी की संक्षिप्त रिपोर्ट

लखनऊ 10 अगस्त 2013। रिहाई मंच ने आज एक संक्षिप्त रिपोर्ट जारी करते हुए
कहा कि राज्य सरकार न्यायालय और जनता दोनों को गुमराह कर रही है। माननीय
उच्च न्यायालय ने जो पत्रावलियां, आरोप पत्र और एफआईआर निचली अदालतों के
रिकार्ड से तलब किए हैं उनसे भी सच्चाई सामने नहीं आएगी क्योंकि निचली
आदालतों के रिकार्ड में सच्चाई है ही नहीं और सच्चाई को सामने लाने के
लिए आतंकवाद से संबन्धी मामलों की पुर्नविवेचना/अग्रविवेचना कराना आवश्यक
है। ऐसा न करके राज्य सरकार न्यायालय और जनता दोनों से सच्चाई छुपा रही
है और गुमराह कर रही है। रिहाई मंच के प्रवक्ता ने कहा कि पिछले दिनों
हमने गोरखपुर सीरियल ब्लास्ट पर एक रिपोर्ट जारी करते हुए राज्य सरकार से
पुर्नविवेचना की मांग की थी, जिस पर आज तक सपा सरकार ने कोई कदम नहीं
उठाया है। आज का सबसे बड़ा प्रश्न है कि क्या सरकार यह समझती है कि यह
मुकदमें इसलिए वापिस लेने चाहिए कि क्योंकि इनमें आरोपियों का झूठा
अभियोजन किया गया है ? यदि सरकार की यही मंशा है तो सत्य को सामने के लिए
साहस का परिचय देते हुए मामलों की पुर्नविवेचना क्यों नहीं कराती।

संक्षिप्त रिपोर्ट
रिहाई मंच ने इस समाचार पर कि माननीय उच्च न्यायालय लखनऊ की पूर्ण पीठ ने
उन सभी मामलों की पत्रावलियां तलब की हैं जो आतंकवाद से संबन्धित मामले
निचले न्यायालयों में विचाराधीन हैं जिन्हें वापस लेने के लिए सरकार ने
आवेदन किया है, इस संबन्ध में रिहाई मंच का कहना है कि अन्तर्गत धारा 321
सीआरपीसी किसी भी मामले को राज्य सरकार वापस ले सकती है यदि संबन्धित
सक्षम न्यायालय उसके लिए अपनी सहमति दे। विधिक प्रक्रिया के अनुसार सरकार
को मुकदमा वापस लेने के कारणों का उल्लेख अपने प्रार्थना पत्र में देना
होता है परन्तु तारिक कासमी और खालिद मुजाहिद के मामलों में सरकार ने
मुकदमें वापसी के लिए दिए गए अपने प्रार्थना पत्रों में तथ्यों को छुपाया
जो उसकी बदनियति का प्रमाण है। बाराबंकी न्यायालय के समक्ष सरकार ने
निमेष आयोग की रिपोर्ट को प्रस्तुत नहीं किया, जिसमें यह उल्लेख है कि
तारिक कासमी और खालिद मुजाहिद की गिरफ्तारी और उनसे की गई बरामदगी फर्जी
हैं। चूंकी इन तथ्यों के आधार पर बाराबंकी के न्यायालय के समक्ष
प्रार्थना पत्र प्रस्तुत ही नहीं किया गया इसलिए माननीय न्यायालय द्वारा
इस पर विचार नहीं हो सका और यह प्रश्न अभी भी खुला है और इस पर गहन
विवेचना की आवश्यकता है, इसलिए जो पत्रावलियां माननीय उच्च न्यायालय के
समक्ष जाएंगी उनमें कहीं भी निमेष आयोग की रिपोर्ट और उन तथ्यों का
उल्लेख नहीं होगा जिनमें यह कहा गया है कि तारिक कासमी और खालिद मुजाहिद
से की गई बरामदगी और उनकी गिरफ्तारी फर्जी है। फैजाबाद, लखनऊ और गोरखपुर
न्यायालय के समक्ष जो मुकदमें तारिक कासमी और खालिद मुजाहिद के विरुद्ध
लंबित हैं उन सभी में यह प्रश्न महत्वपूर्ण है कि जब तारिक कासमी और
खालिद मुजाहिद की गई गिरफ्तारी और उनसे बरामदगी फर्जी है तो इन जिला
न्यायालयों के समक्ष दाखिल किए गए आरोप पत्र भी गलत तथ्यों के आधार पर
हैं, क्योंकि यह सभी खालिद मुजाहिद और तारिक कासमी के कथित इकबालिया
बयानों पर आधारित हैं जो फर्जी गिरफ्तारी के बाद रिकार्ड किए गए। कानून
और न्यायालय का उद्देश्य सत्य की खोज करना है और विधि का यह स्थापित मत
है कि किसी भी बेगुनाह को सजा नहीं होनी चाहिए इसलिए माननीय न्यायालय को
स्वतः निमेष आयोग की रिपोर्ट का संज्ञान लेते हुए मामले की पुर्नविवेचना
के आदेश देने चाहिए।

जनहित याचिका नंबर 4683 (एमबी) सन 2013 रंजना अग्निहोत्री एवं अन्य
अधिवक्ता गण द्वारा दाखिल की गयी है। इसमें जो बिन्दु उनके द्वारा उठाए
गये हैं वे पूर्णतया विधिक महत्व के हैं और पूरी तरह एकेडमिक हैं जिनका
तथ्यों से कोई संबन्ध नहीं है। न्यायालय को निम्न बिन्दुओं पर विचार करना

1.      क्या धारा 321 सीआरपीसी, संविधान के अनुच्छेद 14 की विरोधी है और इससे
भारत की सार्वभौमिकता, अखण्डता और एकता को खतरा है?
2.      क्या धारा 321 सीआरपीसी उन अपराधों पर लागू नही हो सकती जो कि
अनलाॅफुल एक्टिविटी (प्रिवेंशन) एक्ट 1967 और अन्य दाण्डिक विधि तथा
संविधान के 7वें शेड्यूल की सूची एक के बिन्दु नम्बर 1, 5, 12 के अंतर्गत
दंडनीय अपराध हैं।
3.      क्या राज्य सरकार और सरकारी अधिवक्ता को यह अधिकार नही है कि वह उन
मुकदमों को वापिस ले सके जो उपरोक्त कानूनों के अंतर्गत दंडनीय अपराध है
और जिन्हे केन्द्र सरकार से मंजूरी मिलने के बाद ही वापस लिया जा सकता
4.      जब तक कि न्यायालय के समक्ष विचाराधीन मुकदमों का विधि अनुसार अंतिम
निपटारा न हो जाय तब तक उन मुकदमों को वापिस न लिया जाय।
5.      उच्च न्यायालय राज्य सरकार द्वारा जारी किये गये उस आदेश को रद्द कर
दे जिसमें आतंकी हमलों और बम ब्लास्ट के आरोप है और उससे संबंधित रिकार्ड
को न्यायालय तलब करे।
हमारा मानना है कि उपरोक्त बिन्दु जो जनहित याचिका कर्ताओं ने उठाए हैं
उन पर जो भी निर्णय माननीय उच्च न्यायालय से आयेगा उससे, कोई लाभ उन
व्यक्तियों को नहीं होगा जो झूठे आरोपों में जेल में बंद हैं। विधि का यह
स्थापित मत है कि सक्षम न्यायालय की सहमति के बिना कोई मुकदमा वापिस नहीं
हो सकता। विधि के इस सिद्धांत पर हमारा कोई विवाद नहीं है और न ही उन
विधिक एकेडमिक बिंदुओं से कोई लेना-देना है जो याचिका कर्ताओं ने माननीय
न्यायालय के समक्ष विचार के लिए प्रस्तुत किए है। रिहाई मंच चाहता है कि
मुकदमें वापिस लेने वाली सरकार यदि यह समझती है कि इन व्यक्तियों पर झूठे
आरोप लगाए गये हैं तो सरकार को चाहिए कि कवह सच्चाई न्यायालय के सामने
रखे और मामलों की पुर्नविवेचना/अग्रविवेचना कराकर आरोप पत्रों को सक्षम
न्यायालय से वापस ले। परन्तु सरकार ऐसा भी नहीं चाह रही है।

Eid 2013:British Prime Minister David Cameron visited Muslim Community and met Allama Qamaruzzaman Khan

10 Aug


The Prime Minister David Cameron along with Faiths Minister Baroness Sayeeda Warsi met Hazrat Allama Qamaruzzaman Azmi ,a prominent Sunni Sufi leader,during a historic visit to North Manchester Jamia Mosque. Hazrat Allama Qamaruzzaman Azmi discussed the current issues and challenges facing the world including, the plight of Rohingya Muslims in Burma, Syrian crisis as well as the safety and security of Mosques and Muslim communities in the UK.

David Cameron spent two hours with the mosque community during his visit and stated his support for the Big Iftar programme, which has seen scores of mosques up and down the country open up their doors to Muslims and non-Muslims to demystify the faith of Islam and connect to communities. After a tour of the mosque he helped them prepare for their own Big Iftar by chopping onions and making samosas, providing his own cooking tips along the way. The Prime Minister was impressed by the vibrancy of the mosque, which is set for redevelopment to cater for an ever-growing community.

david cameroon

Allama Qamaruzzaman Azmi said: “I thank the Prime Minister for taking time out from his busy schedule to come and meet with the British Muslim community in Manchester”.“During his landmark visit he championed the contributions that British Muslims are making in all walks of life and listened to some of the real concerns that the community are facing”, he said.

Following this meeting the Prime Minister and Faiths Minister Baroness Warsi took a tour of the Mosque which caters for 2,000 people through daily worship, after-school clubs, youth projects and support groups and had a frank and open discussion with a mixed group of young and old people where Mr Cameron heard the concerns of Muslims about attacks on their community following the horrific murder of Drummer Lee Rigby in Woolwich.He restated the commitment of the UK government to tackling anti-Muslim hatred and condemned the recent Islamophobic attacks in the strongest possible terms, saying the UK needed to be intolerant of intolerance. His government has set up a cross government working group on anti-Muslim hatred and fund an organisation, Tell MAMA, which records attacks and supports victims.

Faiths Minister Baroness Warsi said: “It was brilliant to accompany the Prime Minister to the Jamia Mosque and help them prepare for their Big Iftar that evening.

 David Cameron ,British P.M with Allama Qamaruzzaman Khan Azmi

“Jamia Mosque is a fantastic example of a model Mosque that reaches out to its community, providing vital services to the local Muslim population. “The Prime Minister was given a fantastic opportunity to see this vibrant Mosque in action.He also spoke at length to the Mosque members about their concerns over the recent anti-Muslim attacks and was able to reassure them of this government’s unwavering commitment to tackle and stamp out this unacceptable form of hatred”, she said.

In wishing Muslims in the UK and around the world Eid Mubarak the Prime Minister

said: “I send my warmest wishes to Muslims in the UK and overseas as they celebrate the festival of Eid-al-Fitr. After a month of longer summer days fasting, praying and putting aside many of the things that we can take for granted, Muslims will come together with friends and family to celebrate this joyous occasion. I wish you all Eid Mubarak”

David Cameron with Muslim community in Manchestar in 2013

Open discrimination:Ahmedabad,Gujrat shopping mall charged entry fee from Muslims

10 Aug

Ahmedabad: 9th Aug 2013

Source: TOI1098428_444649272315341_723547050_n

Indian Muslims are facing deep discrimination in Modi’s Gujrat where even shopping mall are treating Muslims indiscriminately. On the occasion of Eid-ul Fitr 2013,Shopping Mall charged special entry fee from Muslim youths who came to mall for shopping.

A trip in the celebratory spirit ofEid turned out to be an experience in discrimination for many Muslims in Narendra Modi’s Gujarat. The Himalaya Mall, among the five biggest malls in Ahmedabad, on Friday announced a fee of Rs 20 from visitors from the minority community, to be returned to them only if they bought anything from the mall, and retained if they didn’t.
Many felt it was discrimination against a specific group on Eid when footfalls at the mall peaked.

“The security personnel were being selective. We saw people walking past without paying any fee. When we asked the security guards, they said that they have orders to follow and asked us to pay up. We’re shocked,” said Saiyad Shaikh, a resident of Delhi Chakla, who had come to the mall with his family.

Iliyas Ansari, who stays in Shahpur, said, “We’re willing to pay entry fee provided the mall charges it from everybody. Why discriminate against just one community?”

Deepa Bhatnagar, manager (operations) of Himalaya Mall, told TOI that it was a routine move to check visitors on a busy day. “We had employed the same mechanism in the past to keep troublemakers out. We are planning to charge entry fee during the coming festive season including Diwali. The fee is being returned if any purchase is made, so the entry is practically free,” she said.

Mall officials said that against a routine daily footfall of around 10,000, Friday saw a surge in the numbers to around 30,000. About the selective demand of entry fee, she said the administration had decided to exclude women and senior citizens only. “There was no attempt to exclude anybody or charge specific persons. And, Rs 20 is hardly a deterrent,” she said.

However, this correspondent observed a distinct pattern in which entry was allowed. Youth from specific age groups of the minority community were being scrutinized and asked to pay the fee while whereas women and many others were allowed to walk in without being charged.

Mall officials said last year during Eid they saw two group clashes inside the mall and a glass wall was broken. On Friday, the number of security personnel was increased and a team of policemen was deployed inside as well as outside the mall as authorities did not want any “trouble”.

Any discrimination on the basis of religion is unconstitutional and should not be tolerated. Such communal profiling shows that a deep divide persists in Gujarat, notwithstanding chief minister Narendra Modi’s ‘Sadbhavana’ mission.



Destruction of Holy sites in Syria:Pakistan summoned Syrian envoy

23 Jul

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan on Monday summoned a senior Syrian diplomat to strongly condemn what it called the ‘deliberate and wanton’ attacks on holy sites in Syria including recent attacks on Sayyeda Bibi Zainab’s shrine in Damascus.The foreign ministry conveyed Pakistan’s deep concerns over such ‘reprehensible acts.’According to the foreign ministry spokesperson, the government of Pakistan urged upon Syrian authorities to ensure safety and security of all holy shrines and buildings in Syria.

“The trend of desecration of the holy sites has hurt the sentiments of Muslims in Pakistan as indeed the world over. Such violations, which also fan sectarian strife, are most reprehensible,” the spokesperson added. Pakistan also called upon all parties involved in the Syrian conflict to observe the international humanitarian law and help protect the common heritage of mankind respecting the sanctity of the holy buildings and places of worship.

Islamabad summoned the Syrian envoy a day after countrywide protests against the desecration of holy sites.

Protesters also staged a sit-in outside the foreign office on Sunday, urging the government to denounce the attacks and take up the matter with concerned authorities.

On Monday, reports emerged that the mosque where Khalid Bin Walid, a companion of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and commander of Muslim forces known for his military prowess and conquests, had been buried in Syria, had been damaged by military shelling.

Saudi Govt. detained Sunni Muslims for showing respect at Medina Shareef:Raza Academy protested

22 Jul

Mumbai:22nd July

Prominent organization of Indian Sunni Muslims,Raza Academy has written a protest letter to Saudi King Abdullah to change its governments behavior towards Sunni pilgrims who pays respect at Roza-e-Rasool Sallallaholaihiwasalam (Holy grave of Prophet Hazrat Muhammad) in Medina.Raza Academy in its protest letter has attracted King Abdullah’s attention towards a  regular feature in which religious Mutawwa Police of Saudi Arabia harasses Muslim pilgrims at Holy places in and around Masjid-e-Nabwi and makkah Shareef.

Press Release

It should be rembered that Mutawwa Police is regulated by Salafi ideology in Saudi Arabia which consider it to Biddah and Shirk means against Islam to pay tribute and respect at Holy graves of Jannatul Baqi and Jannatul Moalla as well as at Roza-e-Rasool Sallallahoalihiwassam .Thousands of pilgrims regularly complain these harassment by Mutawwa Police in Saudi Arabia but Kingdom shows no attention towards it.This Police is very  controversial Police which works on unreasonable and illogical laws and rules made by Wahabi -Salafi Board.

Raza Academy has attarcted attention of Saudi King towards an incident where two Muslims of India were harrased and detained by this Police on false and filmsy grounds.According to letter they were just paying tributes at holy places and Mutawwa argued with them and arrested them with out any reason.Raza Academy has demanded immediate release of both of these Muslims.

The copy of the letter has  been sent to Saudi Embassy in New Delhi,Mumbai and to Indian government for necessary action.

Jama’at-e-Islami and Islam

18 Jul

Ashutosh Sarkar

Although the Jamaat-e-Islami had claimed that Islam was its ideology, no proof of humanity and tolerance was found in its activities during the Liberation War, International Crimes Tribunal-2 said yesterday in its verdict against Jamaat leader Ali Ahsan Mohammad Mojaheed.
Terming the pro-liberation Bangalee people “miscreants”, “agents of India”, and “enemies of Islam”, the Jamaat had opted to wipe them out only in the name of preserving Pakistan, noted the tribunal judges.
“The nation will be failing to acknowledge the sacrifices of millions of people who had laid their lives and honour for the cause of our hard-earned independence if individuals like the present accused [Mojaheed] are not brought to book for their notorious role and active contribution and endorsement for committing systematic atrocities in 1971 in the territory of Bangladesh,” they added.
Reiterating the observations made in the verdict against another Jamaat leader Muhammad Kamaruzzaman in May this year, the tribunal said the victims and sufferers of the diabolical atrocities do have the right to know the Jamaat’s role in 1971.
The ICT-2 handed death sentence to Mojaheed, secretary general of Jamaat-e-Islami, for committing crimes against humanity during the Liberation War 42 years ago.
The same tribunal had found Kamaruzzaman, one of the key organisers of the infamous Al-Badr, guilty of committing crimes against humanity and sentenced him to death.
Yesterday’s verdict also said, “The Jamaat-e-Islami had played a substantial role in formation of the Al-Badar [Al-Badr], Razakar, al-Shams and peace committees and of course not with the intent to guard the civilians and their property.”
The Al-Badr was an “action section” and “armed wing” of the Jamaat-e-Islami, which was formed mainly with the workers of the Jamaat’s student wing Islami Chhatra Sangha, observed the judges.
The Jamaat, they said, had indulged in indiscriminate massacre of their political opponents belonging to the Bangalee nation in the name of liquidating “miscreants” and “infiltrators” for which it had used Razakars and Al-Badr.
The tribunal further held that the Jamaat had allowed the creation of Al-Badr and Razakar to operate an assembly line of incalculable atrocities in the territory of Bangladesh in 1971.
This party cannot be relieved of the accountability of unspeakable mayhem, atrocities and murders committed by the Al-Badr, which was created by it (Jamaat), stated the court.

Saudi Government and King Abdullah bin Abdul-Aziz: Stop Bulldozing historic Holy sites in Medina

4 Nov Sign the nPetn

Saudi Government and King Abdullah bin Abdul-Aziz: Stop Bulldozing historic Holy sites in Medina

Petition by

New Delhi 4th Nov 2012

This Petition is created to Stop the proposed vandalism of Green Dome of Medina , Riadul Jannah,Pulpit of Prophet of Islam (Sallallaholaihiwassalam) and three Mosques associated with companions of Holy Prophet Sallallaholaihiwassalam).
The current controversy of the potential Saudi demolition of Riyad-al-Jannah and the graves of Islamic caliphs Hazrat Abu Bakr (RA) and Hazrat Omar (RA) is one in a long line of projects that the world’s biggest exporter of crude oil has undertaken to erase Islamic heritage sites.

Sign the nPetn

Petition Letter

Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Saud,
Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
1. Mr. Saud bin Mohammed Al-Saty
Ambassador of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, New Delhi

2. Mr. Abdullah Bin Sulaiman Al-Essa –
Consul-General, Mumbai
As per the News Reports published worldwide that Saudi Govt. has inaugurated a Plan to expand Masjid-e-Nabwi on 25th Oct 2012.Millions of Muslims the World are aghast and are in deep sorrow to know that three Mosques of Companions of Holy Prophet (Peace and blessing upon him) ,Riadul Jannah, Green Dome and Pulpit of Holy Prophet (Peace and blessings upon him) faces threat of demolition in this expansion.
Holy Medina City is recognized by green dome and Prophet’s (Peace and blessing upon him) Holy Grave so it is natural that any attempt to change the character of any of these will make Muslim of the world worry. It is also sad to know that despite several authentic News Reports and regular inquiries, Govt. of Saudi Arabia has not issued any Public statement in this regard.
Therefore the Muslim Community , put forward following demands to Kingdom of Saudi Arabia that

(1) Saudi authorities should come out in the Media and ensure all Muslims of the world that the Green Dome of prophet Mohammad (Peace and blessings upon him) will be preserved at all costs.
(2) The Riyadh al Jannah area and the current Musallah of the Imam (Prayer Leader) should also be preserved.
(3) The three mosques, now proposed to be demolished in the western side expansion should not be touched.
(4) The expansion should be done in the northern side so that the current place of the Dome, Riyadh al-Jannah and Imam’s Musallah are not touched.

If the Govt. of Saudi Arabia did not come out in open to reply all these genuine points, then Majority of Muslims will be forced to Protest and rise against this Plan.

Muslim Students Organization of India (MSO)
An apex body of Indian Muslim Youth in India

Muslim Women Paraded naked in Uttar Pradesh Village

21 Jun

Posted July 14th, 2007 by Tarique Anwar By staff reporter Shrawasti (UP): a simple case of elopement by two lovers belonging to two different religious communities turned into a heinous crime committed against members of Muslim community. A Muslim boy and a Hindu girl eloped on 7th of July in Shrwasti district of Uttar Pradesh. An FIR was filed for the alleged kidnapping of the girl. Three days later hundreds from girl’s village attacked Muslim dominated village of Sirsia that the boy belonged to. Brother of a Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) minister is reported to be leading that mob. The mob beat all Muslims, burnt a number of houses of that village. The most heinous is that several Muslim women were sexually assaulted and a few of them paraded naked. Police deny any such incident have happened and in fact refuse to lodge an FIR. Medical examination of these women could be taken only after 48 hours severely limiting the hope of finding any evidence of rape after such a long time. Reporters have seen marks of attack and assault on the bodies of women. Legislators of Samajwadi Party (SP) walked out of the state assembly over this incident and involvement of a BSP minister. Waqar Shah of SP raised this issue in the Assembly and dubbed the Mayawati government of UP as “anti-Muslim.” Meanwhile BSP government has announced the suspension of police officers of Shrawasti districts. Lalji Verma, Minister for Parliamentary Affairs denied involved of any BSP minister in the incident. An inquiry has been ordered. how can we protect our sisters? enough is a enough?


9 Jun



Unite but Follow me ;British Muslims

There is almost something eerie about writing on British Muslim
representation. For decades Muslim political and public aspirations
have either been focused overseas or hijacked by angry young
men who believe it is ‘haram’ to engage in politics in a non-Muslim
That was then and due to the relentless global traumas hitting the
Muslim world, British Muslims have been forced to stand up and be
counted. One sign of our coming of age has been the acceptance of
the term of British Muslim. Regular readers of Q-News will remember
the barrage of letters that greeted the use of this term by the ‘angry
brigade’ who made differentiating between being a ‘British Muslim’
or a ‘Muslim in Britain’ the central thesis of their political agenda.
Thankfully, this is no longer the case and we can get on with dealing
with the really important issues.
British Muslim political awareness has been slow and reluctant.
Two main factors have contributed to this. Firstly, has been the ‘goinghome’
syndrome amongst Muslim first generation settlers resulting in
the lack of investment in community infrastructure other than essential
prayer facilities, madrasah provision and halal meat. The second
factor is the legal invisibility of the Muslim community, thanks to an
institutionally Islamophobic and race biased political system.
But, to suggest Muslims have been politically inactive during the
last four or five decades would be erroneous. While not engaging in
mainstream British politics in any organised way, Muslim communities
settling in Britain have kept a vigilant eye on politics back home.
Newspapers and channels like the Daily Jang and Al-Jazeera have
diligently been reporting on the state of the Muslim world helping to
both form and forge opinion. The British Muslim understanding of
these issues is relatively more passionate, more articulate and more
When not keeping an eye on back-home politics, mosque committees
became the next focus of Muslim ambition with aspiring leaders
of the fledgling community vying with each other to win the hearts
and souls of the faithful. Eventually or inevitably, factions and subfactions
developed representing the various religious, political and
cultural divides in the Muslim world. As the small rooms and terraced
mosques rented or bought through the hard earned money of early
migrants evolved into purpose built structures funded from the
Middle East, so too did the increase in internal conflicts and intrigues.
In this vacuum, some Muslim groups formed with the intention of
doing dawah. These groups were not interested in engaging in mainstream
society and were often hostile to it. They were mainly interested
in gathering Muslim allegiances to their theological or political
As the need to engage in mainstream political processes became
Muslim candidates once elected found themselves in an agenda dilemma – were they there to repre


apparent, those frustrated with internal shenanigans turned their
attention towards mainstream society. This development operated
more at an individual level with some Muslims becoming active in the
struggles against racism and others standing for local councils. To
what extent this development actually engaged the Muslim community
is dubious, as mainstream political parties were often looking
more for ‘racial’ window dressing than meaningful engagement.
Muslim candidates once elected found themselves in an agenda
dilemma – were they there to represent Muslims, the politics of
their party or the constituents who elected them? While the latter two
are obviously correct, representing Muslims and Muslim issues became
more contentious. Muslim councillors found that being Muslim and
speaking on issues that concerned a ‘faith-based’ community was not
easy. But, this was not so for other minorities as representatives from
the Irish, Caribbean, Hindu and Jewish communities found that they
were not penalised for speaking as members of their specific community
or on its behalf. The result of this was that the politics of Muslim
councillors went sideways and focused more on internal ‘nest-making’
than community building.
Muslim representation in other areas of public life like the media,
sports, public bodies and the legal profession has also been slow and
meandering. Those that have succeeded have usually had to park their
Muslim identity outside the door. Individuals that have succeeded have
not done so because being Muslim was anything significant to them
and in fact, the few that get through are over-represented by those who
feel alienated or hostile to Islam. Professionally speaking, these
Muslims usually kept their faith low-profile until it became more lucrative
to ‘step out of the closet’ and tout for available opportunities particularly
since 9/11.
Prior to 9/11 Muslim participation in mainstream British society
had been limited primarily due to the inadequacies of the Race
Relations Act and the reluctance of successive governments to recognise
the existence of faith based communities and their experience of
religious discrimination. More specifically, there has been a reluctance
to acknowledge historical and institutionally entrenched Islamophobia.
While the men formed groups in never ending variations, it was left
to Muslim women and young people to get on with the work that needed
to be done. Most Muslim organisations are void of women and
young people. Those women who are involved are rarely given authority
and most are kept in the margins. Women and young people are seldom
acknowledged, consulted or appreciated and the role of women
more often than not is relegated to that of a women’s auxiliary – providing
tea and cooking the after meeting nosh for our elder male statesmen.
Being excluded from decision-making, Muslim women, who tend
to be in the frontline of meeting social needs, have been forced to make
themselves relevant. While you may not necessarily see them at photo
calls and high powered delegations you will see them getting training in
education, media, social work, health care and counselling. Muslim
women are now a quiet but potent presence in statutory bodies and
other public arenas increasingly becoming team managers, directors of
departments and chairs of committees. Women’s organisations have led
the way in setting agendas and developing much needed social welfare
projects that support families and heal communities. All of these efforts
contribute significantly to the development of Muslim-sensitive social
welfare services.
For young Muslims the Rushdie Affair proved to be a major catalyst.
For the first time young people took to the streets more concerned
really about their own discontentment than any pertinent
understanding of the Satanic Verses. But, unfortunately no one listened
to their voices and while some Muslims organisations set up youth initiatives
they tended to be dawah orientated and not responding to real
needs on the ground. Young people experiencing racism,
Islamophobia, social and family disintegration needed more tangible
help. They needed a multitude of resources for activities such as sports
and leisure, personal development, employment opportunities and
most importantly they needed support through the various challenges
posed by being young, British and Muslim.
It took the riots of 2001 for young British Muslim to make their
discontent heard and then it was already too late. Responding once the
horse has bolted requires the double effort of not only resolving the
current crisis but also in investing in avoiding crisis from erupting
again. Once again Muslim trouble spots have been the focus of attention
and endless reports have been written, but we remain without
with any real objective understanding of the issues, without any meaningful
leadership and without the development of a forward thinking
Muslim agenda.
Given our checkered history with public participation and representation
the burning question, that still needs to be asked, is: Who
represents British Muslims?
present Muslims, the politics of the party they represent or the constituents who elected them?

Courtesy; Q-News


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