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Indian Muslim Youths Protested against Israel: MSO supported Palestine

23 Nov

Jaipur 23rd Nov’12 Friday from 3-4 P.M

In Solidarity with Palestinian People, Muslim Students Organization of India MSO, an apex body of Muslim Youths and students organized Protest March against Israel on 23rd Nov 2012 at Jaipur, India. March route was from Government Hostel near Commissioner Office upto Udhyog Maidan Statute Circle.

Muslim Students Organization of India National Secretary Engineer Shujaat Ali Quadri said that MSO condemns in harshest terms, the Israeli attack against the people of Palestine. Israel started this War when it broke truce by assassinating the Hamas leader Ahmad Jabri who was working on a long-term truce with Israel.

As ceasefire between Israel and Hamas has come into effect so MSO is of the view that Turkey, Iran and Egypt can play a positive role by permanently bringing an end to this problem. MSO lauds the efforts of all those nations who are working for truce. At the same time, MSO criticize Saudi Arabian government for silently supporting Israeli aggression by not speaking against it or by not exerting pressure on it. So called Champions of Human Rights and main stream Media raised their voice against and reacted sharply to the attack on a single girl Malala Yousuf Zai but they have maintained criminal silence over Israeli aggression against the innocent Palestine people.

We are of the view that by reiterating its earlier solidarity with Palestine, India has supported a cause of Humanity but to be really moral leader of the Third World and Non-Aligned Movement, It must raise a strong voice against the Israeli aggression.

MSO declare their full and unconditional support to our Palestinian brothers and sisters, and laud their brave resistance against the aggression of the Israeli oppressors.

Syed Muhammad Qaudri President, Shujaat Ali Qaudri (National Secretary) & Organizer


Saudi Government and King Abdullah bin Abdul-Aziz: Stop Bulldozing historic Holy sites in Medina

4 Nov Sign the nPetn

Saudi Government and King Abdullah bin Abdul-Aziz: Stop Bulldozing historic Holy sites in Medina

Petition by

New Delhi 4th Nov 2012

This Petition is created to Stop the proposed vandalism of Green Dome of Medina , Riadul Jannah,Pulpit of Prophet of Islam (Sallallaholaihiwassalam) and three Mosques associated with companions of Holy Prophet Sallallaholaihiwassalam).
The current controversy of the potential Saudi demolition of Riyad-al-Jannah and the graves of Islamic caliphs Hazrat Abu Bakr (RA) and Hazrat Omar (RA) is one in a long line of projects that the world’s biggest exporter of crude oil has undertaken to erase Islamic heritage sites.

Sign the nPetn

Petition Letter

Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Saud,
Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
1. Mr. Saud bin Mohammed Al-Saty
Ambassador of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, New Delhi

2. Mr. Abdullah Bin Sulaiman Al-Essa –
Consul-General, Mumbai
As per the News Reports published worldwide that Saudi Govt. has inaugurated a Plan to expand Masjid-e-Nabwi on 25th Oct 2012.Millions of Muslims the World are aghast and are in deep sorrow to know that three Mosques of Companions of Holy Prophet (Peace and blessing upon him) ,Riadul Jannah, Green Dome and Pulpit of Holy Prophet (Peace and blessings upon him) faces threat of demolition in this expansion.
Holy Medina City is recognized by green dome and Prophet’s (Peace and blessing upon him) Holy Grave so it is natural that any attempt to change the character of any of these will make Muslim of the world worry. It is also sad to know that despite several authentic News Reports and regular inquiries, Govt. of Saudi Arabia has not issued any Public statement in this regard.
Therefore the Muslim Community , put forward following demands to Kingdom of Saudi Arabia that

(1) Saudi authorities should come out in the Media and ensure all Muslims of the world that the Green Dome of prophet Mohammad (Peace and blessings upon him) will be preserved at all costs.
(2) The Riyadh al Jannah area and the current Musallah of the Imam (Prayer Leader) should also be preserved.
(3) The three mosques, now proposed to be demolished in the western side expansion should not be touched.
(4) The expansion should be done in the northern side so that the current place of the Dome, Riyadh al-Jannah and Imam’s Musallah are not touched.

If the Govt. of Saudi Arabia did not come out in open to reply all these genuine points, then Majority of Muslims will be forced to Protest and rise against this Plan.

Muslim Students Organization of India (MSO)
An apex body of Indian Muslim Youth in India

In Medina Gumbad-e-Khizra (Green Dome) faces threat of Saudi destrction but Saudi loves Idols

1 Nov

New Delhi/Mumbai:- 1st Nov 2012

‘बुतों से प्यार और गुम्बदे  खिज़रा से नफरत ”

गुम्बदे  खजरा के दीवानों   ,आशिकाने रसूल गफलत की नींद से बेदार हो जाओ ,
सऊदी  वहाबी मज़हब अपने अकीदे के मुताबिक बुतों से प्यार दिखा रहा है और पैग़म्बरे इस्लाम हज़रात मुहम्मद  सललल्लाहोअलैहिवस्सलम के  गुम्बदे  खिज़रा ,रिआजुल जन्नत ,और सहबा किराम की तीन  मसाजिद को तोड़ने की तय्यारी कर रहा है – :-
दुनिया में तमाम मुसलमान इस खबर पर गहरी तशवीश में मुब्तिला हैं के सऊदी अरबिया की वहाबी हुकूमत ने मस्जिद इ नबवी को कई गुना बढाने की आड़ में यह सब काम करने की तय्यारी कर ली है और इस तशवीशनाक मुद्दे पर ख़ामोशी इख्तेयार कर ली है 
जिसमे मिम्बरे रसूल सललल्लाहोअलैहिवस्सलम  से लेकर, गुम्बदे  खिजरा ,रिआजुल जन्नत ,और सहबा किराम की तीन  मसाजिद की हिफाज़त की कोई मालूमात नहीं दी जा रही है क्यूंकि इस नए प्लान के मुताबिक अब नमाज़ की नयी जगह बनाई जाएगी और इनमे से कई मकामात या तो तबाह कर दिए जायेंगे या  फिर दीवारों से बंद एक कोने में ताकि हाजी लोगो को वहां तक न जाने दिया जाए !

The most disturbing thing is, Saudis are not providing details to media as to what will be destroyed and what will be preserved under the new expansion of Prophet’s (saws) Grand Mosque in Madina.

Muslims all over the world are in panic as they fear the Saudis may destroy the Green Dome of the Prophet Mohammad (saws).

Saudi authorities should come forward and allay these fears of 1.6 billion Muslims of the world and tell the world what and how this expansion is taking place. You cannot ignore 1.6 billion people and their genuine fears.

If the expansion plan, as provided in the picture is to be believed, then most of the expansion of Masjid an-Nabawi (saws) will take place to the West of the existing mosque, which holds the Green Dome.

The proposed expansion to the west, includes mosques dedicated to Sayyedna Abu Bakr (ru) and Sayyedna Umar (ru) , as well as the Masjid Ghamama, built to mark the spot where the Prophet (sallallahu alaihi wa sallam) conducted his first prayer for the Eid festival. The Saudis have announced no plans to preserve these mosques.

Dr. Irfan al-Alawi of the Islamic Heritage Research Foundation, UK fears that the expansion of the Masjid-e-Nabawi (saws) is part of a wider drive to shift focus away from the pious grave of Prophet Mohammad (saws), where Muslims offer Salaat and Salam to the Prophet (saws). The Green Dome is the centre piece of the current mosque.

Under the new plans, it will become the East Wing of a Building, eight times its current size with a new pulpit. There are also plans to demolish the prayer niche at the center of mosque from where the Azan is given now. The area forms part of the Riyadh al-Jannah (Garden of Paradise), a section of the mosque that the Prophet (saws) decreed especially significant.

Read more on this link.

मगर  अफ़सोस की मकमाते मुक़द्दसा  पर हमले करने वाले वहाबी मज़हब में  दौरे जाहिलिया के बुतों और पत्थरों को हिफाज़त से म्यूजियम में रखा गया है.

Read this Link- To Know Saudis Love for Stones and Idols.

MSO Organised Special Programmes on Haj in different parts

6 Oct

New Delhi/Jaipur :- 6th Oct 2012

M.S.O of India has organized Haj Programmes at different cities of the Country.Conducting 30 days Camp at haj House Jaipur for free distribution of Books,CD’s,Pamphlets,etc after conducting training for Hajis for 15 Days at various places.MSO organized a beautiful Program in New Delhi at its Office.Which was related to Importance of Haj.



Raza Academy:We are Progressive and Peaceful

14 Aug

New Delhi/Mumbai

Raza Academy which is facing some difficult time from some political quarters replied by saying that We are peaceful and progressive.

A group of like-minded Sunni Muslims, under the leadership of founder president Saeed Noori, established Raza Academy in 1978 at Null Bazar in south Mumbai to print and publish books written by 17th century Muslim scholar Aalahazrat Imam Ahmed Raza.
Over the years, the academy set up

32 centres across India, and became a voice of the country’s Sunni community.
“From creating educational awareness, to protesting against the violence against the minorities, we have always been at the fore,” said Noori, and added that their protests have always been peaceful. The academy’s protest at the same venue on August 3 went largely unnoticed, he said.

“Since Ramzan is going on, we have been visiting mosques to create awareness about the violence that our community have been subjected to in Assam and other parts of the world. Text messages, emails and Facebook posts are mediums used to invite people to participate [in the protest],” said Shezanali Hemani, a supporter of the academy.

Black flags, badges, banners and ribbons have been characteristic of most of their peaceful unarmed protests, Hemani said. In an unusual protest, an old pair of black shoes was sent to US President Barrack Obama for the frisking of former Indian President Dr Abdul Kalam at JFK airport in New York last year.

In March, the academy protested the arrival of Pakistan-born scholar Dr Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri to the city, saying his speeches could create communal tension. Noori said that they moved the Bombay high court to restrain him, but when the court ruled against them, they staged a peaceful protest outside the auditorium.

With changing times, the younger members of the community have also begun to use social media to network amongst the community members.


Kerala Yatra: By Sheikh Aboobacker Ahmed Kantahpuram

26 Apr

Unite for humane cause, exhorts



Kerala Yatra given rousing reception in district

Warm welcome:Sunni leader Kanthapuram A.P. Aboobacker Musaliar addressing a reception accorded to his Kerala Yatra at Areekode in Malappuram district on Wednesday.

Warm welcome:Sunni leader Kanthapuram A.P. Aboobacker Musaliar addressing a reception accorded to his Kerala Yatra at Areekode in Malappuram district on Wednesday.

The Kerala Yatra by All India Jamiyyathul Ulama general secretary and Sunni leader Kanthapuram A.P. Aboobacker Musaliar was given a rousing reception in Kozhikode district on Wednesday. Thousands of people felicitated Mr. Aboobacker Musaliar at functions at Kondotty, Areekode, Nilambur and Manjeri.

Mr. Musaliar will be accorded reception at Perinthalmanna, Malappuram, Kottakkal and Chemmad on Thursday. The yatra will tour the district on Friday too.

Sunni workers in hundreds of vehicles joined Mr. Musaliar’s motorcade on Wednesday morning. G. Sudhakaran, former minister, inaugurated the reception at Kondotty. A.M. Jacob, former Governor of Meghalaya, inaugurated the reception at Areekode.

M.I. Shanavas, MP, inaugurated the programme at Nilambur. Municipal chairman Aryadan Shoukath welcomed the Sunni leader by offering him a teak sapling. Senior member of the Nilambur Kovilakam Pratapa Varma Thamban,;Kerala Students Union president V.S. Joy; and several other leaders of different political parties offered felicitations.

Haroon Rashid, MP, inaugurated the reception at Manjeri. Mr. Musaliar urged the people to rise above parochial feelings of caste, community and class, and unite for a more humane nation. He exhorted the people of Kerala to embrace humanism..”Literacy is must. So is humanism,” he said. The Sunni leader exhorted the people to give priority to constructive activities rather than resorting to destructive measures.

MSO of India delegation participated in Global March to Jerusalem

5 Apr

New Delhi:-5th April

MashaAllah ,MSO delegation returned today on 5th of April in New Delhi after the Successful Mission of Global March to Jerusalam of more than 20 days…Mission was Successful in awakening Billions about the Palestine Issue Globally…

They participated in various Protests in Iran,Turkey and  gathered finally in in Lebonan at Israel Border on 30th March 2012 on the Land Day.

Syed Muhammad Quadri President and brother  Shujaat Ali Quadri Secretary participated and also represent AIUMB an apex body of Sunni Muslims.

Muslims Protested against Zakir Naik’s arrival in Kishanganj, Bihar

30 Mar

29th March Kishanganj,Bihar

Muslims of Kishanganj  organised a massive rally to protest against the planned arrival of Zakir Naik in the region.Sunni Muslims carrying Playcards and Banners , raising slogans marched on the National Highway of Kishangnaj.People were demanding immediate ban on Zakir naik’s speeches in the city.

The protesters  presented Memorandum to Distt administration demanding Ban on his programmes.Ulemas and Social activist were leading the masses on the streets while youths and students were raising slogans  like ”We Sunni Muslims dont accept the Wahabi Faith of Zakir Naik”,” Stop the Supporter of Osama Bin Laden”, ”Ban Praiser of Yazeed”, ”Ban Insulter of Hazrat Hussain”,”Ban Wahabi Gustakh” .

It may be noted that this planned event was widely advertised through out Bihar and large hoardings were put all over the area.People were angry that whole area belong to Sufi Sunni Muslims who dont subscribe to hardline Wahabism which is preaching  hate and converting local Muslims into its fold .

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Salafi Saudi and Jews

Sunni Muslim demanded Ban on Zakir Naik



Syed Izhar Ashraf Ashrafi Al Jilani Sajjada Nasheen of Kichocha Shareef Passed away

22 Feb

New Delhi:22nd Feb 2012


Great Loss to Sunni World::

Syed Izhar Ashraf

Patron of All India Ulema and Mashaikh Board and father of Syed Mohammad Ashraf Kichochwi Syed Izhar Ashraf Passed away in Mumbai on 22nd Feb 2012 at Ismailia Hospital MajhGaon.He was agreat Sufi Saint and Islamic Preacher of International Importance.

:Shaikh e Azam Hazrat Maualana syed Izhar Ashraf Ashrafi Jilani Sajjada Nsheen Khnakah e Ashrafia Hassania , Sarkar e kalan parda farma gaye hain:aapke Darje Bulandgi ki Dua kareye.Allah apke Darjon me Bulndi ata farmaye.

woh Mumbai ke majhgaon ke ismailyia hospital me the zere ilaj kafi aleel the kafi time se aj doctors ne jawab de dia tha 10 baje ke as pas wisal ho gaya.

Namaz e Janaza After Juma on 24th feb 2012 at Kichocha shareef Ambedkar  Nagar U.P

Mawlid,Miladun Nabi (Sallallaholaihiwassalam) News around the world.

3 Feb

AlHamdulillah Mawlid shareef is celebrated around the world in all Islamic countries and in many Non Muslim countries with a Public holiday.

Old City gears up for Milad-un-Nabi


It is that time of the year when the entire Purana Shaher is enveloped by the colour green as Muslims in the City gear up to celebrate Milad-un-Nabi. Enter Old City and every by-lane is dotted with green flags and decorative lights with fliers and posters floating around.

The festival is celebrated with religious fervour and gaiety. The day is marked with processions, public meetings and feeding of the poor. However, locals say that with various sects and schools mushrooming in Hyderabad, the way of celebrating has also changed.

Reminder of the Prophet’s example

Feb 3, 2012

As tomorrow marks the Prophet Mohammed’s birthday, Muslims will be reminded in today’s sermon of the traits he showed that they should emulate and teach to their children.

“He was compassionate with his family, a joyful companion, gentle with his children and grandchildren,” the sermon says.

“He once led people in prayer while [his granddaughter] Umama, the daughter of Zainab, was on his back. He was the most generous, gentle and patient of all.”

Many attributes of the Prophet Muhammad


NEVER has so much been written by so many on the life of one human being, of any time, than on Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Eminent people from other faiths, too, have showered him with praise.


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