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2013-14 Urs-e-Imam-e-Ahle Sunnat Ala Hazrat started in the Bareilly city of India

29 Dec

Bareilly :29th Dec 2013 

The three day celebration of 95th world famous International Urs or death anniversary of Mujadid Imam Ahmed Raza Khan Qadri has begun in the city of western Utar Paredesh, Bareilly .The programme started previous night with Naat and Manqabat (Poetry in the praise of Holy prophet Hazrat Muhammad S.A.W and other pious personalities) with Lacs of followers including thousand of Islamic Scholars start arriving from various parts of the world.


Ala Hazrat Urs 2013-14

Born on 14th June, 1856 in the Bareilly city ,the great scholar was given the reverential title of Ala Hazrt-the great wise man. Ahmed Raza Khan wrote on numerous topics, including law, religion, philosophy and the sciences. He was a prolific writer, producing nearly 1,000 works in his lifetime,writing almost on all issues and covering all matters ,he influenced the Muslim masses.He worked to protect the traditional Islam which is attached to Sufism in South Asia and was facing challenge from the changing atmosphere of Islamic world after the establishment Salafi-Wahabi government in the Saudi Arabia.

Ahmed Raza Khan translated the Quran into Urdu, which was first published in 1912 under the title of Kanz ul-Iman a most popular translation of the Holy Quran. One of the finest books written by him is Fatawa Radhvia. It comprises over 12000 pages in 12 volumes. It provides authoritative solutions to thousands of religious and secular problems faced by the Muslims in day-to-day life. All his disciples and followers spread his movement named as Ahle Sunnat Movement which has largest following estimated to up to 2/3 majority of all south Asian Muslims by various sources and institutions across south Asia including India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan Nepal, Sri Lanka and in many African and European countries.

The movement is considered a peaceful movement keeping itself largely separated from extremist and terrorist organizations. Its indifferent attitude towards these organizations, their extremist ideologies have made followers of this movement itself victim of the extremist organizations. In Pakistan the movement has lost its major leaders most prominent among them are Mufti Sarafaraz Naeemi of Jamia Naeemia who had issued verdict against Tehreek-e-Taliban and Saleem Qadri ,leader of Sunni Tehreek who was working for the recapturing of Sunni Mosques. In India and many parts of the world movement has raised its strong voice against Terrorism and Extremism.

In this Urs or Death anniversary Chief Sunni Mufti Akhtar Rida Khan Qadri Azhari Mian and Custodian of Dargah Ala Hazrat Maulana Subhanraza Khan Subhani Mian will address the gathering of five lacs of Sunni Muslims of the country. Many prominent Islamic Scholars specially from Arab world and Europe have already reached in the city which is being decorated in a very beautiful manner.

A ‘chadar’ has been offered on Sunday at the Dargah Ala Hazrat Pradesh on behalf of Congress president Sonia Gandhi and vice-president Rahul Gandhi.Gandhi and Rahul presented the ‘chadar’ to be offered at the dargah to a delegation of Muslim clerics and Congress leaders who met the two here on Saturday. While Gandhi has been sending the ‘chadar’ every year, this was the first time that Rahul was also present when the Congress chief presented the ‘chadar’ to the delegation.

Main body of the Dargah which was established by the Ala Hazrat himself , All India Jamat-e-Raza-e-Mustafa has shown anger towards neglect and humiliation of riot victims. It is raising the demand of seedy justice and proper rehabilitation of Muzzafar Nagar riot victims , Passing of communal violence Bill and Muslim reservation, Taslima Nasreen issue.

Hindi and Urdu News papers have published special supplements to celebrate the Urs while many Muslim organizations and publication houses have put their camps and stalls in the ground of Islamia Inter college and on connecting roads .Special arrangements for Buses and Trains have been made by their respective departments. On the final day of the Urs on Monday huge gathering is expected in which various Muslim issues and problems will be discussed by custodian Subhan Raza Khan Subhani Mian. – See more at:


Salafi Boko Haram Killed Muslims in Mosque

14 Aug


Congregation and People of Tradition for Proselytism and Jihad[2] (Arabic: جماعة اهل السنة للدعوة والجهاد Jamā’a Ahl al-sunnah li-da’wa wa al-jihād), better known by its Hausa name Boko Haram (pronounced [bōːkòː hàrâm], “Western education is sinful“),[3] is an Islamicjihadist militant terrorist organisation based in the northeast of Nigeria[4] north Cameroon and Niger.[5][6][7][8] It is an Islamist movement which strongly opposes man-made laws and Westernization. Founded by Mohammed Yusuf in 2001,[9] the organisation seeks to establish sharia law in the country.[10][11] The group is also known for attacking Christians, bombing churches and attacking schools. They gunned down 44 people praying at a mosque in northeast Nigeria [12][13]

Islamic preacher Maitatsine partially inspired many of the senior radicals. The group seeks to “purify Islam” and is known for using motorbikes as its primary mode of travel.[14][15] The movement is divided into three factions. In 2011, Boko Haram was responsible for at least 450 killings in Nigeria.[10] It was also reported that they had been responsible for over 620 deaths over the first 6 months of 2012.[16]Since its founding in 2001, the jihadist terrorists have been responsible for roughly 10,000 deaths comprising mostly innocent people.[17][18]

One of its deadliest clashes was the sectarian violence in Nigeria in July 2009, which left over 1000 people dead.[19] They do not have a clear structure or evident chain of command.[20] Moreover, it is still a matter of debate whether Boko Haram has links to terror outfits outside Nigeria, and its fighters have frequently clashed with Nigeria’s central government.[10] A US commander stated that Boko Haram is likely linked to Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM),[21][22] although professor Paul Lubeck points out that no evidence is presented for any claims of material international support.[23]

The group has spawned an off-shoot known as Ansaru. The group exerts influence in the States of BornoAdamawaKadunaBauchi,Yobe and Kano. The United States Department of State offered a $7 million reward for Boko Haram leader Abubakar Shekau’s capture.[24]

On July 8th, 2013, the Home Office announced that Boko Haram would be banned from operating in the UK from the 12th July onwards.[25]

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Is Nigeria’s Boko Haram a Wahhabi group?

The founder of Boko Haram could be labeled a Wahhabi for his opposition to secular governance, Western education, and other Islamic interpretations – but so could other Wahhabis in the country.

By Alex Thurston, Guest blogger / June 9, 2011

Wahhabism is a word I hear a lot in reference to Islam in sub-Saharan Africa. The original word refers to a movement centered on the eighteenth century reformer Muhammad ibn Abd al Wahhab, who lived in present-day Saudi Arabia and whose descendants have helped dictate the interpretation of Islam that prevails in the Kingdom. There’s always been some level of exchange between Africa, including West Africa, and Arabia, but in the twentieth century there began to be talk about West African “Wahhabis” – that is, Muslims who allegedly emulated a “harsh, Arab Islam” and rejected “peaceful, tolerant, African Sufi Islam.”

  • The “Wahhabis” were often, indeed, reformers who criticized certain practices, like making protective amulets, as un-Islamic, but “Wahhabism” in West Africa has looked a lot different than its cousin in Arabia. The label, in West Africa, was also used far more by reformers’ opponents – French colonists and African Sufi leaders, for example – than by the reformers themselves. The label had the effect of blurring complexity then, and because it’s still in use today, it still does.

Boko Haram is an Islamic sect in northern Nigeria that rejects Western-style education, secular governance, the authority of the Nigerian state, and Islamic interpretations that run counter to its own teachings.Muhammad Yusuf, the group’s leader until his death in 2009, could potentially be labeled a “Wahhabi” – except that other “Wahhabis” in northern Nigeria rejected many of Yusuf’s ideas and were horrified by Boko Haram’s use of violence. The label “Wahhabism” can’t capture even the main thrusts of these debates.

These problems of terminology came to the fore yesterday, when news agencies reported Boko Haram’s assassination of a local cleric, Ibrahim Birkuti. “Radical Cleric Gunned Down in Nigeria,” one headline read. How was he radical? The article doesn’t say, except to tell us he was a “Wahhabi.” But read on:

Ibrahim Birkuti was shot by a motorcycle-riding gunman thought to be a member of Boko Haram sect outside his house in the town of Biu, 200km south of Maiduguri where the sect has carried out most of its attacks in recent months.

Birkuti, a Wahabbi cleric and an imam of a mosque in the town has been critical of Boko Haram ideology, especially its rejection of Western education and its resort to violence, his neighbours said.

The BBC does not label Birkuti a “radical,” but it does speak ominously of his membership in the “Saudi Arabian-inspired Wahabbi group, which has been gaining ground in the mainly Muslim north of Nigeria in recent years.” AP goes further:

Birkuti had been critical of Boko Haram’s violence and belonged to the Wahabbi group, a splinter faction of Sunni Muslims.


Wahabbi members advocate for the implementation of Shariah law in Borno state through peaceful means.

The final sentence makes no sense on two counts: First, Borno State did adopt shari’a, in 2000. Second, many Muslims in Northern Nigeria advocated for the peaceful implementation of shari’a – we need another criterion, then, in order to say how and why “Wahhabis” are “a splinter faction of Sunni Muslims.” There are differences that set reformers like Birkuti apart from Sufis, other sects, and Nigeria’s many “non-aligned” Muslims, but the news agencies have not identified them satisfactorily. They have not even said what Birkuti and his group called themselves – and a good guess might be that Birkuti labeled himself simply a “Sunni” (another loaded term, in this context, but for different reasons). What then?

The salient points about Birkuti’s ideological/sectarian affiliation are, for me, Boko Haram’s continuing campaign of violence against rival clerics, and also the fact that many Muslims of different strands and different beliefs reject Boko Haram’s ideas and methods. The ferocity and the complexity of the theological debate in northern Nigeria is precisely what Boko Haram is trying to shut down in with a killing like this – it is too bad that the press also works, in a much different way, to obscure that same complexity.

– Alex Thurston is a PhD student studying Islam in Africa at Northwestern University and blogs atSahel Blog.

Sunni answers to Shirk and Biddah: Part 1

14 Aug

Aaj Kal Kuch Dino Say Ye Fitna Faila Hai Jahan Par Bohat Say Bad Mazhab Log Masoom Logo Ko Quran Aur Hadees Kay Hawalay Mang Kar Gumrha Kar Rahay Hai Ye Nichay Kuch Sawalat Aur Unkay Jawabat Hai Jo Ye Log Aksar Puchtay Hai:

Sawal 1 : Kis Sahabi Kay Urs Par Sab Say Zyada Log Jama Hotay Hai?

Answer : Hazrat Tamim Ansari (Radiallahanhu) Kay Urs Sharif Jinki Mazar Kolam Sharif Samundar Kay Kinaray Madras Chennai Main Hai Aur Usi Tarah Hazrat Bilal Habsi(Radiallahanhu) Jinki Mazar Damascus Mulkay Sham Main Hai, Hazrat Salman Farsi (Radiallahanhu) Iraq, Hazrat Ali (Radiallahanhu) Najaf, In Sahabi Kay Urs Par Sab Say Zyada Log Jama Hotay Hai.

Sawal 2 : Nabi Pak (Sallallaho Tala Alaihi Wasalam) Kay Daur Kay Mashoor Qawaal Ka Naam Batao ?

Answer : Qawaal Kay Manay Buzrgo Kay Qaul Gane Wala Haqqani Chezian Ganay Wala…Dekhye Urdu Ki Mashoor Lugat Ki Qitab ” Firazul Lugat” Page 949 Writer Molvi Firozudin Deobandi. Nabi Pak (Sallallaho Tala Alaihi Wasalam) Ki Bargah Kay Mashoor Naat Khwaan Aur Shayar Hazrat Hassan Bin Thabit, Hazrat Abdullah Ibn Rawah, Hazrat Qaab Ibn Zuhair (Radiallahanha Ajmain) Hai. Hazrat Qaab Ibn Zuhair (Radiallahanhu) Nay Sab Say Pehla Burda Sharif Likha “Banat Suad” Is Ka Naam Hai English Main Isay “The Poem Of The Scarf” Bhi Kehtay Hai Jisay Aap Nay Aqa (Sallallaho Tala Alaihi Wasalam) Ko Sunaya Is Par Nabi Pak (Sallallaho Tala Alaihi Wasalam) Bohat Kush Huye Aur Aap (Sallallaho Tala Alaihi Wasalam) Nay Inko Apni Kamli (Scarf) Mubarak Tohfay Kay Taur Par Diya, Ye Kamli Mubarak Sahaba E Karam (Radiallahanha Ajmain) Jab Jang May Jatay To Apnay Sath Lejatay Aur ALLAH In Sahabiyo Ko Fatah Dila Deta Aaj Bhi Ye Kamli(Scarf) Turkey Main Topkapi Palace Main Rakhi Hai, Is Tarah Nabi Pak (Sallallaho Tala Alaihi Wasalam) Ki Shaan Mai Ye Sahaba (Radiallahanha Ajmain) Aksar Kalaam Padtay Aur Nabi Pak (Sallallaho Tala Alaihi Wasalam) Khud In Kay Liye Ethmam Farmatay Balki Inaam Bhi Ata Farmatay {Ref : Mishkat Sharif Page 410, Bukhari Sharif Volume 1 Page 100, Bukhari Sharif Volume 2 Page 773, Shara Muslim Volume 1 Page 49}

Sawal 3 : Sahaba Karam Nay Sab Say Pehlay Jis Mazar Par Chadar Chadaye Wo Kaunsi Rang Ki Thi ?

Answer : Sahaba Karam Nay Sab Say Pehlay Jis Mazar Par Chadar Chadaye Wo Nabi Pak (Sallallaho Tala Alaihi Wasalam) Ka Mazar Pur Anwar Hai Jis Par Surkh(Red) Rang Ki Chadar Chadai Gaye {Muslim Saharf Volume 1, Kitab-Ul-Janaiz Hadees 2136}

Sawal 4 : Sab Say Pehlay Jis Sahabi Nay Eid Milad Un Nabi Pak (Sallallaho Tala Alaihi Wasalam) Manaya Unka Naam Kya Hai? Isi Sawal Ko Kaye Log Is Tarah Bhi Puchtay Hai Ki Kis Sahabi Nay Nabi Pak (Sallallaho Tala Alaihi Wasalam) Ka Urs Manaya To In Dono Sawal Ka Jawab Ek Hi Hai Kyun Ki Milad 12 Rabi Ul Awwal Ko Manaya Jata Hai Jo Ki Nabi Pak (Sallallaho Tala Alaihi Wasalam) Ki Paidaish Aur Parday Ki Tariq Hai Is Din Hi Sahaba Karam (Radiallahanha Ajmain Khas Mehfil E Milad Rakhtay Madina Sharif Main.

Answer : Nabi Pak (Sallallaho Tala Alaihi Wasalam) Ka Milad Sab Say Pehlay Khud ALLAH Subhanwatala Nay Manaya Wo Bhi Ambiya Ki Jamat May Alam-E-Arwah Main Jahan ALLAH Nay Tamam Ambiya Alaih Salam Say Gawahi Li Aur Apnay Mehboob Mohammed (Sallallaho Tala Alaihi Wasalam) Par Iman Lanay Ki Baat Kahi { Ref : Quran Sharif Para 3, Surah Ale Imran Ayat 81 And 64, Surat Tauba Ayat 128.} Iskay Baad Nabi Pak (Sallallaho Tala Alaihi Wasalam) Nay Khud Apna Milad Bayan Farmaya { Ref Mishkat Sharif Page 513, Muslim Sharif Volume 1 Page 138 & 282, Tirmadi Volume 2 Page 203} Aur Sahab Karam Main Koi Aisa Sahabi Nahi Hai Jis Nay Milad Nabi Pak (Sallallaho Tala Alaihi Wasalam) Na Manaya Ho, Sahaba Karam Ka To Khas Kaam Raha Hai Ki Aap Jaha Bhi Jatay Milad Padtay Apnay Nabi Ki Tarif Aur Tausif Bayan Kartay Yahi To Milad Hai Pura Quran Sharif Hai Kya Siwaye Milad E Mustafa(Sal Lal Laho Tala Alaihi Wasalm) Aur Deegar Ambiya Karamy Ki Tarif Hi To Hai Yahi Milad Hai. Sahaba Karam (Radiallahanha Ajmain) Main Say Khas Taur Par Nabi Pak (Sallallaho Tala Alaihi Wasalam) Ka Milad Padhnay Walay Hazrat Amir Ansari (Radiallahanhu) Hai { Ref : Islak Moaazam Page 79} Aur Hazrat Jaffar Tayyar (Radiallahanhu) Hai Jin Hone Najashi Badsha Jo Ki Abyssinia (Ethiopia) Ka Raja Tha Aur Christan Tha Us Kay Darbar Main Nabi Pak (Sallallaho Tala Alaihi Wasalam) Ki Milad Padhi Aur Bataya Ki Hamaray Nabi Pak (Sallallaho Tala Alaihi Wasalam) Kya Hai Unka Martaba Kya Hai Aur Unkay Farman Kya Hai { Ref : Bukhari Sharif, Muslim Sharif, Ibn Maja, Baab-E-Hadees “Al Hijrat”}.
Hazrat Abu Bakar Siddiq (Radiallahanhu) Nay Nabi Pak (Sallallaho Tala Alaihi Wasalam) Nay Bohat Sa Khana Banwaya Aur Fatiha Padha Us Khanay Par Aur Puray Madina Sharif Main Taksim Kiya Jab Logo Nay Pucha Ki Aaj Kya Hai To Digar Janay Walo Logo Nay Farmaya Ki Aaj Nabi Pak (Sallallaho Tala Alaihi Wasalam) Ka Urs Hai (Fathul Ma’ani)

Sawal 5 : Jo Sahaba Karam Ya Rasool ALLAH Al Madad Ya Ali Al Madad Ka Nara Lagatay Unkay Naam Bataye?

Answer : Ya Mohammed Ya Rasool Allah (Sallallaho Tala Alaihi Wasalam) Ka Nara Lagana Pukarana Sahaba Karam (Radiallahanha Ajmain) Ki Sunnat Hai {Ref : Muslim Sharif Vol2 Bab-E-Hadis “Al Hijrat”, Ibn Maja Volume1 Page 419, Tirmadhi Volume 2 Page 197, Bukhari Sharif Page 193,} Hazrat Qaab-Ibn-Hamza Sahabi (Radiallahanhu) Nay Yahi Nara Lagaya (Fatwa As Sham Page 298) Aur Mashoor Sahabi Hazrat Abdullah Ibn Umar (Radiallahanhu) Kay Jab Pair Sun Hogaya To Aap Nay Ya Mohammed Keh Kar Pukara {Shifa Sharif Vol2 Page 20, Bukhari Sharif Adab Al-Mufrad Page No 404 Hadith No. 964} Ya Ali Al Madad Kehna Bhi Jayaz Hai (Tirmidhi Sharif Abwabul Anaqib 3713) Huzoor Nabi Pak (Sallallaho Tala Alaihi Wasalam) Nay Khud Farmaya Main Jiska Madadgar Hu Ali Uska Madad Gaar Hai.

Sawal 6 : Sahaba Karam (Radiallahanha Ajmain) 12 Rabiul Awaal Sharfi Ko Kis Rang Ka Jhanda Lehratay Thay?

Answer : Sahaba Karam Nay Amad-E- Nabi Pak (Sallallaho Tala Alaihi Wasalam) Par Mukhtalif Kism Kay Jhanday Lehra Kar Apni Kushi Ka Izhar Kiya Hai { Madarajatul Nabuwat Vol 2 Page 62} Balki Mashoor Sahabi Hazrat Barida Aslami Nay To Apnay Amama Sharif Ko Jhnada Banakar Apnay Nezay Par Lehraya Tha { Madrajajatul Nabuwat Vol2 Page 62}

Note : Aap Kay Mutalbay Par Quran Aur Hadees Sharif Ki Roshni Main Aap Kay Sawalat Kay Jawab Dekhar Humnay To Sahi Aqida Musalaman Honay Ka Sabut Pesh Kardiya Magar Inhi Batao Ko Shirk Aur Biddat Bata Kar Bhole Bhale Musalamano Ko Gumrah Karnay Wale Kya Sahi Aqida Musalamn Ho Saktay Hai? Kya Quran Aur Hadees Kay Farman Ko Shirk Aur Biddat Kehnay Wala Kya Musalman Ho Sakta Hai?
Kya Har Wo Cheez Jo Nabi Pak (Sallallaho Tala Alaihi Wasalam) Kay Zamanay Main Na Thi Ya Isko Kisi Sahabi Nay Na Kiya Ho To Kya Wo Har Chiz Shirk Aur Biddat Hai Insaf Kijye.

1) Kya Kayda Baghdadi Jo Hum Bachpan Main Padtay Hai Say Lekar Bukhari Sharif Tak, Dars-E-Nizami Ki Tamam Kitabay Alawa Quran Sharif Kay Na Nabi Pak (Sallallaho Tala Alaihi Wasalam) Kay Zamany May Thi Na Sahaba Karam Wa Tabaey Nay Isko Padha Aur Na Padhaya.

2) Baad Namaz Fajar Bila Naga Quran Sharif Ki Tilawat Karna Na Nabi Pak (Sallallaho Tala Alaihi Wasalam) Say Sabit Hai Na Kisi Sahabi Say Na Kisi Tabaen Say.

3) Baad Namaz E Isha 1000 Martaba Pabandi Say Darood Sharif Padhna Na Nabi Pak (Sallallaho Tala Alaihi Wasalam) Say Sabit Hai Na Kisi Sahabi Na Kisi Tabaen Say.

4) Masjido Ko Pokhta Banana, Minar Banana, Ghumbad Aur Mehrab Lagana, Masjido Main Shandar Kalin Bichana, AC Lagana, Paint Lagwana, Har Waqt Ki Namaz Ka Ghadi Kay Time Say Waqt Fix Karna, Madarso Kay Liye Zamin Wakaf Karna, Mustakil Madarsay Banwana, Madarso Main Talba Kay Rehnay Ya Khanay Ka Intezam Karwana, Madarso Main Chanda Dena, Alim, Fazil, Mufti Waghyra Ki Dastar Bandi Karwana, Madaris Ka Salana Jalsa Karwana, Deen-E-Kitabay Chapwana Aur Takseem Karna, Quran Majeed Par Zeer, Zabar, Pesh Lagana, Azan Wa Namaz Main Mike, Loud Speaker Waghyra Ka Istemal Karna Is Main Say Koi Bhi Cheez Na Nabi Pak (Sallallaho Tala Alaihi Wasalam), Wa Sahaba Ya Tabaen Kay Zamanay Main Na Thi Magar Aaj In Chezo Kay Bagair Hum Apni Mazhabi Umoor(Kaamo) Ko Ada Nahi Kar Saktay. Aaj Ye Sari Chezain Hamrai Mazhabi Shinaqt Hai Inkay Bagair Hum Apni Mazhabi Zindagi Sahi Tarikay Par Nahi Guzar Saktay. Insaf Say Bataye Kya Ye Sari Chezain Bhi Shirk Wa Bidat Hai Agar Nahi Aur Wakye Nahi To Isi Tarah Koi Nek Kaam Nabi Pak (Sallallaho Tala Alaihi Wasalam) Kay Zamany Kay Baad Kiya Jaye To Wo Bhi Shirk Aur Bidat Nahi Hoga. Haan Is Baat Ka Khyal Zaroori Hai Ki Wo Shairyat Kay Khilaf Na Ho. Nabi Pak (Sallallaho Tala Alaihi Wasalam) Nay Khud Apnay Baad Achay Kaam Karnay Waley Ko Pasand Kiya Hai Balki Aisa Kaam Karnay Walo Ko Dugna Ajar Wa Sawab Ki Kush Khabri Bhi Sunaye Hai. Hazrat Jarir Ibn Abdullah Bajli (Radiallahanhu) Say Riwayat Hai Ki Nabi Pak (Sallallaho Tala Alaihi Wasalam) Nay Irshad Farmay Ki Jo Shaksh Islam Main Acha Tariqa Ijad Kareyga Isay Iska Sawab Mileyga Aur Jitnay Log Iskay Bad Is Par Amal Karengy Wo Sab Kay Barabar Isay Sawab Mileyga.{ Hadees Musnad Ahmad Ibn Hambal Vol 5 Page 547, Muslim Sharif Kitab Uz Zakat Page 327, Kitabul Ilm Page 341, Nisaye Sahrif Kitab Uz Zakat Page 356, Mishkat Sharif Page 33} Tawajo Farmaye Milad, Qayam,Fatiha,Isale Sawab, Darood-O-Salam, Waghaira Mamulat Ahle Sunnat Wal Jammat Agar Bazahir Daur-E-Sahaba Main Apko Nazar Nahi Atay To Kya Sirf Isi Buniyad Par In Chezo Ko Aur Inkay Alawa Dusray Neek Kamo Ko Jiska Zikr Pehlay Guzar Chuka Hai Bidaat Aur Shirk Kehna Durust Hoga? Hargiz Nahi Balki Ye Bohat Badi Jhalat Aur Nadani Hai Aur Shariyat Ki Halal Aur Mubah Chezo Ko Bagair Kisi Dallel-E-Mana Kay Haram Aur Shirk Biddat Batana Shariyat Islamia Say Khuli Hui Bagawat Hai Aur Deen-E-Mustafa Kay Khilaf Bohat Badi Jasarat Hai.

Note : Sawal Ye Hai Ki Agar Ye Batain Sahab Karam Say Sabit Nahi To Kya Kisi Sahabi Nay In Batao Ko Na Karnay Say Mana Kiya ? Aur Jab Kisi Sahabi Nay Mana Nahi Kiya To Aap Kaun Hotay Hai Mana Karnay Walay Aur Agar Apkay Pass Koi Ayat Ya Hadees Sharif Ho Jahan In Chezo Ki Manaye Ki Gaye Hai To Pesh Kijye Warna Musalaman Apki Be Buniyad Batao Ko Bina Dallel Kyu Manay. ALLAH Tala Ap Logo Ko Sahi Aqal Aur Samajh Ata Farmaey.

Kuch Logo Nay Thoday Aur Bhi Sawalt Kiya Hai Jaisay Kis Sahabi Nay Gyarwi Ki Niyaz Karwaye Aur Kis Sahabi Nay Azan Say Pehlay Salat Padhi?

In Kay Jawabo Kay Hawale Say Upar Samjha Diya Gaya Hai Kafi Detail Main Ki Har Cheez Sahaba Kay Daur Say Sabit Nahi Hai To Ab Aisay Sawalat Jinka Koi Maqsad Nahi Ho Sirf Logo Ki Gumrahi Ka Sabab Na Banay.

Ab Apko Apkya Mazhab Ka Sahi Aqida Dikhnay Kay Liye Apsay Chand Sawalat Matloob Hai?

Sawal 1 : Nabi Pak (Sallallaho Tala Alaihi Wasalam) Kay Ilm Ko Shaitan Lain Kay Ilm Say Kam Batane Wale Sahabi Ka Naam Bataye

Ye Upar Likhi Hui Baat Aap Ki Jamat Kay Pehswa Maulana Rashid Gangohi Nay Apni Qitab “Barahainay Katiya ” Page 55 Nay Likha Hai Aisa Kis Sahabi Nay Kaha Ye Sabit Kijye Maazallah

Sawal 2 : Wo Kaunsay Sahabi Hai Jinhoone Nay Kaha Ki Nabi Pak (Sallallaho Tala Alaihi Wasalam) Mazallah Mar Kay Mitti Main Milgaye?

Ye Upar Likhi Hui Baat Aap Ki Jamat Kay Baday Alim Ismail Dhelvi Apni Kitab “Taqviyatul Imam” Page 88 Main Likha Hai Ye Kis Sahabi Nay Kaha Hai Mazallah Ye Sabit Kijye.

Sawal 3 : Auliya ALLAH Ambiya Ko ALLAH Rabul Izzat Ki Bargah Main Chamar Say Zyda Zali Batane Wali Ayat Ya Hadees Pesh Kijye Ya Kisi Sahbi Ka Qual Ho To Hawala Dijye?

Ye Upar Likhi Hui Baat Aap Ki Jamat Kay Baday Alim Ismail Dhelvi Apni Kitab “Taqviyatul Imam” Page 20 Main Likha Hai Ye Kis Sahabi Nay Kaha Hai Mazallah Ye Sabit Kijiye.

Sawal 4 : Namaz Main Nauzbillah Nabi Pak (Sallallaho Tala Alaihi Wasalam) Ka Khayal Kho Janwaro Aur Pagalo Kay Khayal Say Badtar Batane Wale Sahbei Ka Naam Bataye?

Ye Upar Likhi Hui Baat Aap Ki Jamat Kay Baday Alim Ismail Dhelvi Apni Kitab ” Siratay Mustakim” Page 167 Main Likha Hai Ye Kis Sahabi Nay Kaha Hai Mazallah Ye Sabit Kijiye.

Sawal 5: Nabi Pak (Sallallaho Tala Alaihi Wasalam) Ki Qabar Paak Ki Ziyar Ko Kis Shabai Nay Galat Bataya?

Ye Upar Likhi Hui Baat Aap Ki Jamat Kay Baday Alim Imam Ibn Taimiya Apni Kitab “Fatawa Ibn Taimiya” Main Likha Hai Ye Kis Sahabi Nay Kaha Hai Mazallah Ye Sabit Kijiye.

Sawal 6 : ALLAH Kay Mehboob Say Mohabat Karnay Inki Arwah Ko Isale Sawab Karna Inkay Wasilay Say Dua Krna Khaday Hokar Salato Salam Padhna Awliya Ki Qabro Ki Ziyarat Karna Waha Quran Padhna Kis Ayat Say Ya Hadees Say Shirk Sabit Hota Hai Ya Kisi Sahabi Nay Mana Kiya Ho Ye Bataye?

Agar Apkay Pass Iska Jawab Quran Aur Hadees Sahrif Ki Roshni Ya Sahaba Karam Kay Qaul Kay Mutabik Hai To Pesh Kijye Aur Agar Nahi Hai To Qabl Iskay Ki Maut Apsay Tauba Ka Waqt Cheen Lay Apnay Batil Aqayad Say Tauba Kijye Aur Masoom Musalmano Ko Mushrik Banaay Say Baaz Aye

Ye sara jawabat Mufti Akhtar Raza Misbahi Nay Diya Hai jo ki mainay urdu say roman english main traslate kar kay type kiya hai agar koi rabta ya aur koi sawalat puchna chata ho bila jhijag puchay….jitnay ho sakay isay logo tak pahuchaye taki bohat say log gumrahi say bach sakay.

Mufti Akhtar Raza Misbahi
(Sadar Mufti Darool Uloom Makhdoomiya)
(Jogeshwari West)

Saudi Arabia and its Unholy nexus with Zionist Israel and U.S

14 Aug

By Syed Zubair Ahmad,

One of the most memorable events in the friendship was the exchange of gifts between US President Franklin Roosevelt and Saudi King Abdul Aziz. The president gave the king a Dakota aero plane and the latter handed the US a maintenance contract for T.W.A. This was the beginning of Saudia. (Arab News, 20 September 2002).

obama-saudi-arabia5Is it just a coincidence or a part of great conspiracy! One thing could be said for sure that the most important Muslim country in the world has collaborated and are aligned with Antichrist imperialist forces headed by the US. It is a direct or indirect surrender to one of the worst enemies of Islam, Muslims and mankind in general. The world knows that the terrorist state of America is ravaging Afghanistan, Iraq and by proxy Palestine. It is invading Muslim lands, enslaving civilians, maiming innocent people, killing youngsters, starving infants, destroying civilization, bombing hospitals, schools, and marriage parties on daily basis. Its enmity with Islam is not a secret, but a declared government policy. Ignoring all, the Saudi rulers even today express solidarity to and maintain a ‘historical’ friendship with America. They use phrases like ‘most loyal ally’, ‘strategical partner’, ‘a privileged and most dependable friend’, ‘oldest friend’, ‘a time tested friend’, etc. to describe America. On the other hand general public opinion is outrageous over this meek and submissive gesture of Saudi rulers. Ignoring all these, the Saudi rulers continue to overlook interest of Islam and the Muslims in favor of their own selfish interests.

‘Americanism’ is apparent everywhere in Saudi society. It must be reminded here that the US is a creator, protector and torchbearer of the Zionist state Israel. American civilization is a Jewish (Antichrist) civilization by its nature and origin. Founder of the Saudi kingdom, King Abdul Aziz established friendship with America. His descendants are stuck to that foreign policy till date. As the Prophet’s saying goes ‘ Annaaso Ala Deen e Mulukihim’; (people’s lifestyle, thoughts and etiquettes etc. are that of their rulers), we can notice that the ruling elite and a large chunk of upper class is running after everything that comes from America. Be it politics, trade, education, tourism, medicine, fashion, foods etc., and the Saudi society looks towards America. Even today America provides them with all kinds of luxuries and in lieu of these America gets big business contracts. Here it must also be kept in mind that America not only provides with instruments of debauchery but advertise rather promulgate American culture too.

In fact, Saudi rulers are responsible for present state of affairs. Don’t they know that America and Israel are two sides to the same coin? Isn’t it a fact that the existence of Israel in the heart of Arab peninsula is the greatest tragedy and the biggest defeat of the twentieth century Muslim Ummah? In spite of these facts the Arab rulers and the so called custodian of two holiest mosques preferred to remain a natural ally of the oppressor and imperialist forces. In past, they conspired against the Ottoman Caliphate and collaborated with the Americans and the British to disintegrate the Caliphate and get small territories to establish Sheikhdom in place of Caliphate. They succeeded in their nefarious design. This is not a debatable issue. This is the plain truth beyond any doubt. In fact, the disintegration of the Ottoman Empire paved the way for the establishment of an illegal and illegitimate Israel on the occupied Arab land. At a time when multi-dimensional conspiracies against Ottoman Empire were in full swing to establish an illegal Israel in the heart of Arabian Peninsula their only concerns were throne and Sheikhdom. Israel was not born out of an accident but, it was the result of well-planned and well-calculated move of western powers. Now the US is the biggest protector of Zionist interests and the mentally westernized Arab rulers are safeguarding its interests directly and indirectly.

American policy makers and the Zionist think-tanks knew it well that in the Gulf region American and Zionist interests are not safe until the ruling elite and populace are mentally westernized and physically “paralyzed”. They dexterously played their game and now on international affairs, Arab rulers are mere pawns in the hands of America which sacrifices them at its will to safeguard its larger interests. Walking in the footsteps of their rulers, a large section of Arab population too is westernized inwardly as well as outwardly. Though I am talking explicitly about Saudi society, the situation is more or less the same in the entire Gulf region.

Even today, contracts to discover or newly discovered oil fields are given to American companies on preferential basis. It won’t be an exaggeration if we say that the U.S. takes the petroleum from Arab nations at nominal prices. The crude oil, which sells for 60-70 dollar a barrel in international market, America buys it for two dollars a barrel from Saudi Arabia. Different newspapers reports, based on financial experts’ opinion, indicate that the royal family’s eight trillion dollars are lying in American banks and financial institutions which are promoting interest system of banking all over the world. And it is a known fact that most of American and European Banks are owned by Jews and Zionists. The book ‘Big Oil & Their Bankers In Persian Gulf’ by Dean Henderson is an eye opener on this subject.

It is an open secret that money deposited in World Bank and IMF etc. is utilized by imperialists to enslave suffering people of the Third World countries by giving them aids at high interest rates with certain conditions such as mortgaging their sovereignty in the hands of American capitalist administration to get the so-called financial assistance. Jews and Neo-con capitalists take the maximum benefit of it.

Saudi Arabia is the biggest buyer of the American weapons. These weapons are given on the condition that they will not be used against American ally i.e. Israel. This is also a fact that US tends to sell these weapons but not the technology and so Saudi Arabia has a large numbers of F-15 and F-16 fighter jets but these planes are only operated by American pilots, besides it also extracts large sums of money from Saudi Arabia and other Gulf states in the name of maintaining and updating those outdated weapons on regular basis.

Most suitable destination of investment for Saudi capitalists is America, where in banks and hotels they invest enormous amount of money. America’s largest bank City Financial Corporation’s 40% shares are owned by a Saudi prince who is nephew of King Fahad. Every year affluent Saudis spend 15 billion dollars on tourism and their preferred destination is America, so most of these funds are spent in America. Be that an ordinary technical training or higher education the first choice is again America. If Saudis need minor or major medical treatment on government expenditure, the government would send them to the US while such education, training and treatment facilities of the same quality and standard are available at a much lower cost in other developed or developing countries. Saudi Arabia’s largest company is ‘Aramco’ which is run in the partnership of US. Saudi Arabia’s largest bank is Saudi American bank. Saudi Arabia is the biggest market of American cars and so Saudi streets are full of Cadillac, Caprices, Fords and Lincolns etc. The largest fast food chains of Saudi Arabia are Pizza Hut, Pizza in, Domino Pizza, Burger King, Taco Bell, Chill, KFC, McDonald etc. The most popular selling cosmetic brands are Clinique, MAC, and Estee Lauder CK, DKNY etc. Likewise the most preferred perfumes are Eternity, Obsession, Contradiction, Escape, Truth, etc.

New generation of Saudi Arabia takes pride in wearing DKNY jeans. The Arabs who call non-Arabs ajmi or dumb feel pride in talking with their children in English and that too in concocted American accent. Saudi supermarkets are flooded with edible goods whose being Halal has always been doubtful and debated. Even on bottles of tomato sauce one can find ‘made in USA’ tag. If you take a look at AC boxes you would discover that it is of York, Gibson or Carrier. In markets signboards read like this, shop of American cars, shop of American mattress, shop of American furniture, shop of American vessels, etc. It is considered a symbol of status to pay through American dollar or American Express card. There are three channels of Saudi government among which one is altogether dedicated to broadcast American films and absurd American shows. People all over the world go to America in search of better livelihood, but more than forty thousand Americans are working in Saudi Arabia and getting an average pay of 40-50 thousand riyals per month. Engineers of Indonesia and Malaysia are world famous in their precision and profession but if they come to Saudi Arabia they come as drivers or housemaids as visas for top class engineers are meant for Americans.

When a Bangladeshi, who earns 240 riyals a month, calls his home, the Saudi government charges 4 riyals per unit from that poor but if a 40-50 thousand riyals earner American calls his home he pays less than 1.5 riyals per unit.

After the US attack on Afghanistan a slight decline is felt in import of American products and some Saudi capitalists have transferred their savings from American to European banks but this is too mild a beginning. Some people have started boycotting American products but majority of them are not capable of buying an American car. Yes! They do drink some other soft drink than Pepsi and smoke some other cigarette than Marlboro.

One day I asked a Saudi friend why Saudi people don’t boycott American goods. He said how they could do so. Majority of American companies’ agents are Saudi princes and boycotting them is against the policy of the government. Prince Naif (home minister) also issues royal decree from time to time that boycotting of American products is not in the interest of Saudi economy while royal imams in their Friday sermons would cry ‘it is Sunnah to trade with the Jews and Christians’ loudly.

A proverb is famous in Saudi Arabia: ‘Amriki mian mian’ means anything from America amounts – 100% out of 100%”. During a few years of my stay there I came to understand quite well the lingual, practical and psychological connotations of this proverb.
The Arab rulers have not only accepted political, financial and cultural slavery of west but they are proud of it.

(From ” Zionist Conspiracies in the citadel of Islam)

Eid 2013:British Prime Minister David Cameron visited Muslim Community and met Allama Qamaruzzaman Khan

10 Aug


The Prime Minister David Cameron along with Faiths Minister Baroness Sayeeda Warsi met Hazrat Allama Qamaruzzaman Azmi ,a prominent Sunni Sufi leader,during a historic visit to North Manchester Jamia Mosque. Hazrat Allama Qamaruzzaman Azmi discussed the current issues and challenges facing the world including, the plight of Rohingya Muslims in Burma, Syrian crisis as well as the safety and security of Mosques and Muslim communities in the UK.

David Cameron spent two hours with the mosque community during his visit and stated his support for the Big Iftar programme, which has seen scores of mosques up and down the country open up their doors to Muslims and non-Muslims to demystify the faith of Islam and connect to communities. After a tour of the mosque he helped them prepare for their own Big Iftar by chopping onions and making samosas, providing his own cooking tips along the way. The Prime Minister was impressed by the vibrancy of the mosque, which is set for redevelopment to cater for an ever-growing community.

david cameroon

Allama Qamaruzzaman Azmi said: “I thank the Prime Minister for taking time out from his busy schedule to come and meet with the British Muslim community in Manchester”.“During his landmark visit he championed the contributions that British Muslims are making in all walks of life and listened to some of the real concerns that the community are facing”, he said.

Following this meeting the Prime Minister and Faiths Minister Baroness Warsi took a tour of the Mosque which caters for 2,000 people through daily worship, after-school clubs, youth projects and support groups and had a frank and open discussion with a mixed group of young and old people where Mr Cameron heard the concerns of Muslims about attacks on their community following the horrific murder of Drummer Lee Rigby in Woolwich.He restated the commitment of the UK government to tackling anti-Muslim hatred and condemned the recent Islamophobic attacks in the strongest possible terms, saying the UK needed to be intolerant of intolerance. His government has set up a cross government working group on anti-Muslim hatred and fund an organisation, Tell MAMA, which records attacks and supports victims.

Faiths Minister Baroness Warsi said: “It was brilliant to accompany the Prime Minister to the Jamia Mosque and help them prepare for their Big Iftar that evening.

 David Cameron ,British P.M with Allama Qamaruzzaman Khan Azmi

“Jamia Mosque is a fantastic example of a model Mosque that reaches out to its community, providing vital services to the local Muslim population. “The Prime Minister was given a fantastic opportunity to see this vibrant Mosque in action.He also spoke at length to the Mosque members about their concerns over the recent anti-Muslim attacks and was able to reassure them of this government’s unwavering commitment to tackle and stamp out this unacceptable form of hatred”, she said.

In wishing Muslims in the UK and around the world Eid Mubarak the Prime Minister

said: “I send my warmest wishes to Muslims in the UK and overseas as they celebrate the festival of Eid-al-Fitr. After a month of longer summer days fasting, praying and putting aside many of the things that we can take for granted, Muslims will come together with friends and family to celebrate this joyous occasion. I wish you all Eid Mubarak”

David Cameron with Muslim community in Manchestar in 2013

Ilm-e-Gaib or Knowledge of Unseen :Mujadid Ala Hazrat’s Ad-Dawlat al-Makkiyah translated in English

31 Jul

Durban: LIMITED publications is now available from the Imam Ahmed Raza Academy’s Durban Office in South Africa.The Mekkan Treasure: English/Arabic Bi Lingual Authored by Shaykh al Islam w’al-Muslimin, Sayyadi AlaHadrat, Shah Imam Ahmad Raza Khan Radi Allahu Anhu.

Title of the Book: The Mekkan Treasure on the Subject of the Unseen : Ad-Dawlat al-Makkiyah bi’l Maddat al-Ghaybiyyah: First English Translation, with Arabic.

Translated into English with Notes by his Eminence Shaykh Abd al-Hadi al-Qadiri Radawi

Large Hardback – 356 pages,


This  magnum opus of the Great Mujaddid, Ala’ Hadrat Imam Ahmad Rida Al- Qadiri ‘alayhi ar-Rahmah’ is Textual corpus of scriptural evidence, transmitted and rational sciences. The monumental work of the paradigm author resonates irrefutable arguments on the esoteric science of the Unseen (Ghayb) which the Lord of Power Allah Ta’ala blessed His Beloved Messenger.

The Illustrious Mekkan Ulama read this stupendous book and extolled the Author.                                                                                            With these words

you have exposed such knowledge which never even existed in our dreams’

“This book is indeed a clear manifestation of an abyss of Sacred Knowledge”

Also available Ala’Hadrat, ‘alayhi ar-Rahmah’ the Sound Certificates for the Ulama of Makkah & Madinah:

Title of the Book –Al-Ijazat al-Matinah li ‘Ulama-e-Bakkata wa al-Madinah, also newly translated into English by Shaykh ‘Abd al-Hadi al-Qadiri


The contents of this book include all those certificates of Hadith Chains  and Permission for new and ancient  Chains of Transmission that the Great Mujaddid, Ala’Hadrat Imam Ahmad Rida al-Qadiri  issued in Makkah al-Mukkaramah and Madinah al-Munawwarah to the illustrious Ulama and  Mashaa’ikh of the Islamic world in 1324-1906 on their requests. Ala’Hadrat himself lists those sciences of Knowledge that Almighty Allah Blessed him  with.

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MSO Protested destruction of Roza-e-Hazrat Zainab and Hazrat Khalid bin Walid

27 Jul

New Delhi:27th July2013

Muslim Students Organization of India MSO has condemned the attack on shrine of Hazrat Zainab and  Hazrat Khalid bin Waleed in strongest terms.MSO leader Shujaat Qadri today said that we must understand this Salafi US nexus in destroying Islamic nations.On the one hand Saudi Arabia is igniting passion against Shia community on the other hand U.S is providing all support, training and fund to Free Syrian Army.He said that deviated Muslims are considering it as Jehad while it is United States long term plan  in which these goons are killing each others.There is no doubt that Salafi fighters in Syria are doing terrorism in the name of Shia Sunni fights.They have crossed all boundries of being a human being when they ate the heart of a person.Muslims must understand this war is not holy war but U.S and Israel are waging their crusade against Islam and Muslims from behind.MSO is deeply concerned with the alarming situation in Syria and urges all parties to not touch Holy shrines of Islam and must know the US hidden motives in this War.

मुस्लिम स्टुडेंट्स ओर्गानिजेशन ऑफ इण्डिया (एम् एस ओ) की राष्ट्रीय कार्यकारिणी सदस्य shujaat ने कहा नवासी ऐ रसूल हज़रत जैनब और  पैगम्बर हज़रत मुहम्मद साहब के साथी सहाबी हज़रत खालिद बिन वलीद की मज़ार पर यह ताज़ा हमला सलफी और अमेरिका के सहयोग  की एक कड़ी है जिसको समझना होगा!

उन्होंने आगे कहा की  सऊदी हुकूमत और क़तर को यह समझना होगा की शियाओं के खिलाफ नफ़रत फैलाने से किसी का भला नहीं होगा और जिस तरह वोह सीरिया की हुकूमत को हटाने के लिए फंड दे रहा है और अमेरिका इस्राएल से हथियार  लेकर इन फसदिओं को मुहय्या करा रहा है उससे इस झूठे जेहाद की पोल खुलती है की अमेरिका क्यूँ तुम्हारे जेहाद में हिस्सा लेगा उसे किया पड़ी है की वोह जेहाद करेगा !दरअसल सउदी की सलफी हुकूमत सुन्नी हुकूमत नहीं है बल्कि कट्टरपंथी और मुसलमानों को बाँटने वाली वहाबी सलफी हुकूमत है! सऊदी अरब और कतर जेहाद के नाम पर इस्राएल और अमेरिका की साजिशों का हिस्सा बने हुए हैं ! उन्होंने कहा इस सम्बन्ध में जल्द ही एम् एस ओ का एक डेलिगेशन सिरियन दूतावास जाकर अपना विरोध दर्ज कराएगा !

Saudi Salafis are Involved in Global Terrorism and Destruction of Muslim Countries: European Parliament Reveals

23 Jul

New Delhi:23rd July’13

A REPORT BY POLICY DEPARTMENT, EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT European Parliament reveals how Wahabi/Salafi groups are involved in the “support and supply of arms to rebel groups around the world.” The report, released in June 2013, was commissioned by European Parliament’s Directorate General for External Policies. The report warns about the Wahabi/Salafi organisations and claims that “NO COUNTRY IN THE MUSLIM WORLD IS SAFE FROM SALAFI TERRORISM AND DESTRUCTIVE OPERATIONS as they always aim to terrorize their opponents and arouse the admiration of their supporters.”


The nexus between Arab charities promoting Wahabism/Salafism and the extremist Islamic movements has emerged as one of the major threats to people and governments across the globe. From EGYPT, SYRIA, MALI, AFGHANISTAN, PAKISTAN TO INDONESIA in the East, a network of charities is funding militancy and mayhem to coerce Muslim to conform to the Salafism. The same network also attack targets in Europe and North America. WHEN YOU READ THIS REPORT, YOU WILL REALIZE THAT THERE IS A STRONG NEXUS BETWEEN ZIONISM AND SALALFISM, WHERE ZIONISTS MIND AND SALAFI MONEY IS USED AS COMBINATION TO KILL INNOCENT MUSLIMS AND DESTROY MUSLIM COUNTRIES IN THE WORLD. Read more on this link.



Saudi Govt. detained Sunni Muslims for showing respect at Medina Shareef:Raza Academy protested

22 Jul

Mumbai:22nd July

Prominent organization of Indian Sunni Muslims,Raza Academy has written a protest letter to Saudi King Abdullah to change its governments behavior towards Sunni pilgrims who pays respect at Roza-e-Rasool Sallallaholaihiwasalam (Holy grave of Prophet Hazrat Muhammad) in Medina.Raza Academy in its protest letter has attracted King Abdullah’s attention towards a  regular feature in which religious Mutawwa Police of Saudi Arabia harasses Muslim pilgrims at Holy places in and around Masjid-e-Nabwi and makkah Shareef.

Press Release

It should be rembered that Mutawwa Police is regulated by Salafi ideology in Saudi Arabia which consider it to Biddah and Shirk means against Islam to pay tribute and respect at Holy graves of Jannatul Baqi and Jannatul Moalla as well as at Roza-e-Rasool Sallallahoalihiwassam .Thousands of pilgrims regularly complain these harassment by Mutawwa Police in Saudi Arabia but Kingdom shows no attention towards it.This Police is very  controversial Police which works on unreasonable and illogical laws and rules made by Wahabi -Salafi Board.

Raza Academy has attarcted attention of Saudi King towards an incident where two Muslims of India were harrased and detained by this Police on false and filmsy grounds.According to letter they were just paying tributes at holy places and Mutawwa argued with them and arrested them with out any reason.Raza Academy has demanded immediate release of both of these Muslims.

The copy of the letter has  been sent to Saudi Embassy in New Delhi,Mumbai and to Indian government for necessary action.

Hazrat Zainab’s shrine (Roza) attacked by Salafis

22 Jul

:MSO condemns this takfiris attack in harshest words.
सीरिया में सलाफी बागिओं ने हज़रत जैनब के रोज़ा मुबारक पर रॉकेट से हमला किया ! एम् एस ओ इस कायराना हमले की भरपूर लफ़्ज़ों में मज्ज़मत करता है और मुसलमानों से अपील करता है सीरिया की असला प्रोब्लम और वहाबी फितने के मक़ासिद को समझें !यह ईमान वालों को क़त्ल करते हैं बेईमानों को छोड़ते है!
BEIRUT: A rocket strike near a Shia shrine in Damascus killed a custodian of Bibi Zainab (AS) on Friday, activists and residents said, in an attack that could inflame sectarian tensions in Syria’s 28 month old conflict.

Opposition activists and residents said shrapnel killed Anas Romani, the respected caretaker of the gold-domed Bibi Zainab (AS) shrine in the capital’s southern suburbs, a renowned pilgrimage destination for Shias from Iran, Iraq, Lebanon and beyond.

There were conflicting reports about damage to the shrine. The British-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, which has a network of activists across Syria, cited sources as saying the shrine’s blue-tiled sanctuary had been hit. But a local resident told Reuters the rockets landed outside the mosque.

The Syrian government accuses rebels of targeting Sayyeda Zainab shrine, which is now protected by hundreds of fighters from Iraq and the powerful Lebanese Hezbollah group.

They have been helping Syrian President Bashar al Assad’s forces battle rebels mostly from the Sunni majority, whom they accuse of threatening Shia symbols in Syria.

The rebels say they are only attacking pro-Assad forces in the area, though many in their ranks use sectarian rhetoric against Assad’s Shia supporters.

Syria’s uprising-turned-civil war has sectarian dimensions that risk spilling over into neighboring Iraq and Lebanon, which have both suffered their own communal conflicts.

Several Syrian minorities have supported Assad, including his own Alawite sect, an offshoot of Shia sect. They say they fear the rising Sunni current in the insurgency.


Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah has said protecting Sayyeda Zainab is vital for his group, which now openly acknowledges its involvement on Syria’s battlefields, and has threatened “grave retribution” if any harm befalls the shrine.

Demonstrators on Sunday took to the streets in Karachi and twin cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi against a rocket attack on the shrine of Hazrat Zainab (A.S) in Syria.

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