MSO of India organised Haj felicitation programme in Jaipur

Jaipur:10 Nov 2010
Muslim Students Organization of India M.S.O Rajasthan State organized a Programme for the felicitation of the Haj Volunteers and Organisers in Jaipur on 10.11.2010 at Kagzi Exports Sitapura Jaipur.

Mr. Brij Kishor Sharma Minister of Transport , was the chief guest and Haji Rafat Sahab of Majlis-e-Shura Presided over the felicitation Programme. Mr.Rafeeq Kagzi,Mr.Shabbir Khan of Persian Carpets and Dr. BS Yadav who coached the Gold medalist of Rajasthan in Common wealth games, were the Guest of Honors .

The felicitation was organised in the Honor of those Volunteers who participated in 22 days long Haj Camp at Haj House Jaipur.They had distributed set of three books ,Pamphlets and CD’s to Hundreds of Hajis .The books were on the topics like ”How to Perform Haj?”, ”Why we should Perform Haj?” and ”Etiquettes of Medina Sharif” .

Speaking at the function Syed Muhammad Qaudri ,National President of MSO of India ,said that those who have given services at the Camp were lucky persons and were specially chosen by Allah to help in the Journey of His Pious House.He told that MSO aims to bring close the various section of the communities by these types of services.He said we are highly thankful for the hard work done by the Volunteers like Engg Mr.Abhinav singh and Engg Mr. Awdhesh Shukla ,the energy and the love which they shown during the camp for the Hajis is an example for others to follow.
On this occasion Mr.Engg Abhinav Singh was given the Membership to national Committee as Special Invitee.

Genneral Secretary of MSO Advocate Shahnawaz Warsi elaborated the aims and objective of MSO and said that we are working to spread the same message of peace and communal harmony which was made popular by Hazrat Khawaja Gharib Nawaz R.A.
Todays Youth want peace and a atmosphere where he can grow and make his country a developed nation ,it can only happen when we will work in a atmosphere where communities respects each other .Various movement running in the name of religion should focus on mutual harmony and trust because nation will fail if peace and trust does not exist.

Adressing the students ,Associate General Secretary Shujaat Ali Qaudri said that MSO will soon organize medical help camps in the Rajasthan state & we are also planning to start a educational awareness campaign.

The Brij Kishor Sharma Minister of Transport expressed his gratitude by telling that he feels proud to be part of this programme as it is a Honor for those volunteers who served and worked for Hajis and their relatives.
He along with Janab Haji Rafat Sahab and Mr. Shabbir Khan Sahab gave the honor to atleast 40 volunteers of Haj Camp who worked from 10 a.m to 12 p.m for 22 days at Jaipur Haj House.
Mr. Shabbir Khan and Haji Rafat sb also adressed the students who had gathered at Kagzi exports sitapura from various colleges of Jaipur.
Mr. Rafeeq Kagzi ,Director of Kagzi Exports gave vote thanks to audience.


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