Deobandi Virus Capturing Gujrat Muslims

Moderates Fight To Hold Turf In Gujarat

Saeed Khan | TNN  5th Aug 2008

Ahmedabad: An intense power struggle is going on between the moderate and the hardline Muslim groups for control of the sizable Sunni population in Gujarat that accounts for nearly 90% of the five million Muslims in the state.
   Since the 2002 Gujarat riots the more radical Deobandis, who are flush with funds, are winning over turf from the moderate Barelvis. Not only more mosques are coming under the control of the Deobandis, but this orthodox school of Islam is also finding ready converts among youth coming from liberal and educated Muslim backgrounds.
   Apart from running madrassas, mainstream educational institutions have been the special focus for the Deobandis. While this power struggle is a pan-India phenomenon, it has assumed serious dimensions in Gujarat in the last six years. Recent clashes between the two groups in Surat, Kalol, Prantij, Himmatnagar and other towns and cities across Gujarat have only underlined this conflict.
   The tolerant Barelvis, who are okay with worship in dargahs, have even put up notice boards outside scores of mosques in Gujarat banning the entry of the Tablighi Jamaat, the missionary wing of the Deoband school of Islam which preaches a puritanical interpretation of Quran.
   The oldest Deobandi madrassa in Gujarat at Dabhel near Surat is over 100 years old and this explains why south Gujarat is supposedly a stronghold of the radicals. While the Deobandis have moved in a big way into other parts of Gujarat, stiff resistance is coming from the Barelvis from Saurashtra.
   Kadar Salot, president of the Rajkot Saher Sunni Muslim Juna Masjid Trust, says: ‘‘The Tablighis want friction in society while people of Rajkot do not want any trouble. This is the reason several mosques in Rajkot have banned their entry.’’ 

   Chairman of Porbandar Markaz-e-AhleSunnat Barkat-e-Raza Dar-ul-Ulum Abdul Sattar Hamdani says, ‘‘to keep Deobandis at a distance, the trustees of the mosques may have resorted to pasting of notices.’’

A signboard in front of a mosque in Rajkot tells hardliners to stay away


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